Larry Kramer, Author and Outspoken AIDS Activist

Homo Sapiens


When you said earlier, you know people aren't racist via born into it the early. You can be talking about the stuff I think. Is You know? He's really cool and something else. That has been going on this week. been going on its beginning of pride month, and a lot of people have been talking about how stay was a riot started by queer people of Color. and. The solidarity we were shown by. People of color needs to be returned. Absolutely and also I feel it's really interesting. I feel like. I reached out yesterday a couple of people. Who I knew what I in protesting Eve's who we have. Lead no es mature. Yes, he's good at Jaipur on instagram. Yeah, he has been doing some really cool stuff, really amazing and I also. I'm worried for him. I mean he talked by. He was prepared to

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