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Cuomo News. 1000 FM, 97 7 winner of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for best newscast. Harris With COMA news following this update from ABC, $600 a week, Corona Virus Lifeline has expired. With congressional negotiations stalled the highest ranking Democrats in the House and Senate meeting with Trump Administration officials to get payments back on track. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. What we're doing is not only Trying to Arrest the virus but to invest in the economy as we help America, Sam working families across the table, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will be back here working full time until we can accomplish something for the benefit of the American people. The number of U. S. Corona virus deaths now more than 153,000 This on the heels of the worst month for Corona virus case is so far reaching nearly two million nationwide in July. That's more than double any other month so far, a state of emergency in Florida as Hurricane DCs approaches. Category one storm with 80 miles per hour sustained winds. Dave Packer, ABC News Homo news, 1000 FM 97 7 Later satellites we have you for you here from coma News. Right. Harris is busy helping out with our phones or Tammy Michaels has our news update right now. Yes, indeed. I do, Mark and of course, the big story we're following right now. Ah, jury has awarded the family of Susan Powell roughly $100 million that found the state negligent in the deaths of her son's Charlie and Braydon caseworker had brought the voice to the home of their father, Josh Powell, who killed them with a hatchet before taking his own life and setting the house on fire. I'm just very grateful that finally that We've held Responsible. The Department of Social Health Services. That's Chuck Cox. The boy's grandfather, Susan Powell, was never found and is presumed to have been killed by her husband, Josh. Seattle City Council Budget Committee discussed a draft resolution on de funding Seattle police, which promises to create a new civilian led department that will take a holistic approach to public safety before the end of next year. The measure calls for moving 9 11 and other functions out of SPD, as well as immediate steps to re prioritize 911. Calls in to reduce biased policing councilmember Debra Waris says she's concerned the called toe lay off. Police officers, starting with those who have a long history of complaints instead of by seniority will lead to discrimination claims in principle, I'm not against that. But those of us that question the legality does not mean that we're against you. What I'm trying to have some common sense, which I understand isn't in fashion. Is the unconstitutionality. The new department the council is proposing would be called the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. More local school districts have announced plans for 100% remote learning nor thirst in Issaquah and Bethel joined the growing list of district's opting for distance learning because of the risk of spreading covert 19 School is supposed to start in just a matter of weeks. At least one person is dead. Six others are in the hospital after a crash on I five near Arlington last night, having just north of the Stillaguamish River near the bridge there just before six o'clock, troopers say the driver of a white SUV tried to merge.

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