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Am. Brian hi. ed. This is rolling stone music. Now i have with me jeffey. Hasn't they were gonna play. Jeff really fun interview with none other than rick. Ross rick ross. Has a new book called the perfect data. Boss up a hustler guide. Tell me a little bit about this book because you enrich kinda dig into a bunch Yeah basically a memoir of his past year which you know. It's been a weird kobe year. rick ross. Has this kind of like mary. Like major lifestyle. So it's kind of a funny look into how someone like him even had to kind of regroup after everything that's happened. Rick ross is like if you listen to all of his music. It's like you know. This is the quintessential forty eight laws of power reader and. I think that book actually gets a lot references in his book. So you know. It's him really sitting down and thinking a lot. About what are ways that i can make my business strong. Or what are ways that i can like heat my my family and the kind of things around me in check like what am i not recognizing so you know on the surface. It's kind of like that. Rick ross bravado but underneath all that there is actually a lot of really interesting memoir in just you know personal reflection about ways in which he sees you know himself wanting to change in himself wanting to do better than he was before which isn't even to say he wasn't successful because obviously he was and he's also on what we talked about in recent episode. He's uncertified loverboy. I think it's you only live twice with tusla's lana yet and that's probably one of the better songs on the record and you know this. This interview is a few days or maybe like a week or so before that album came out. And we talk a little bit about drake you know. Obviously he's cagey about anything. That is coming up but something. That's interesting even in the book is that you know. Drake someone who ross recognized very immediately had the boss mentality the sort of peak of rick. Ross in the mainstream probably like two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen but he hasn't really gone anywhere in here. He is on the drake album..

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