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C terms its sports book dot fan dot com gambling problem call one 800 gambler 6 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s two married to pampa in the traffic center All right thanks John We'll go straight towards the district but we're gonna give our mantra give yourself the extra time extra stopping distance and a lot of caution on area roadways a lot of extra breaking distance and the quick reminder that although the pavement may be wet at the bridges ramps and overpasses elevated surfaces can freeze first so caution on your exit entrance And crossing even over big bridges So be prepared with a little extra time so your speeds can be down That being said it's early Sunday morning incidents are down in any road work from the overnight was picked up or picked up way earlier last night But we have an issue if you're trying to use the suit and far away to leave the district of south capital street Frederick Douglas bridge so you can Parkway is now closed between first Sterling and Stanton road the outbound direction only We had a crash It was one slipped out and spun sideways in the roadway not weather related just bad driving but nonetheless suit and Parkway outbound remaining closed between firth Sterling Stanton road for the cleanup inbound was unaffected Incidents are down nothing currently reported on the beltway itself nothing currently reported on 95 Maryland beltway to beltway The one thing to note we have root one We hadn't had updates in Laurel So leaving prince George's county northbound route one in the Howard county and after whisky bottom before free state drive they're supposed to be a disabled vehicle in the roadway can't see it You would find it almost at speed on a wet road could be slippery So with caution there 95 again beltway about why doing well flip the coin into Virginia same 95 from Fredericksburg through woodbridge newington Springfield three 95 and all the way through the 14th street bridge running okay Checking cameras at the 66 in Roosevelt bridge you will still have that long-term works set up but there's no one going across the bridge as I speak At silver diner your health and safety as a priority silver diner has installed hospital grade air purification systems to all employees at their 20 locations are vaccinated Silver diner eat well be well married to pump the WTO traffic All right storm team fours Mike what is the latest on that snow right now Right now just some light snow and flurries across the region earlier this morning at about one in three in the morning.

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