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Going to 74 overnight talk about some of the cool to beat the summer he one hundred tonnes of manmade snow to play it at its at the philadelphia zoo kyw john mcdevitt reports this snow is made on site overnight in a place in the various funds zones i could slow leverage slow were gravity to the and climbed twenty feet i crossed your feet and then go all the way down one hundred twenty feet of bongo's snow globe slide the kids were having a glass and learning about the connection between animals and snow over really friday both oh yes that they come out snow and and they came klein came she can pretend to be a pullover digging in the snow and make snowballs an aide of ozone poor formation episode of his daughter were john mcdevitt kyw newsradio and other kyw business report here's jeff bellenger bloomberg business investors will continue to track the price of oil phil flynn at the price futures group says prices are at a level that raises some concerns usually we like to say boy prices are good thing that i think in this case if not necessarily a good thing because you're really getting to the point where it could hurt us energy producers if it fall any further flynn spoke to affiliate wbbm in chicago the drop in oil prices has lowered gasoline prices on cheaper gas as among the factors that led aaa to predict record travel over the fourth of july weekend economists surveyed by bloomberg think the government's report on may sales of new homes out this morning we'll show there was a rebound after a steep hold back in april the president of the federal reserve bank of cleveland and st louis will be heard from today federal reserve governor jerome powell will speak in chicago in quarterly results from blackberry and finish line we'll.

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