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Device. Alexa, play the Danish show podcast. Fool, man. So apparently, I don't know this. Some people have said, I guess it's getting a little heated outside of Pelosi's office. So people are arguing somebody's BMW. Apparently, also got towed. That's the capital. All yeah. So I don't know. Gosh, dang, Steven Yates is gonna join us next. And there was a bunch of other stuff that I wanted to ask him. But now we gotta talk about now. So. And there you are. Oh, my word. My word my word. All right. Let's kick it into some headlines. And now all of the news, you would probably miss. It's time for Dina's quick. Let's see what do I want to start? Star. Oh, gosh, this one Daily Mail. So there I didn't know there was a group that actually advocates this it's called the voluntary human extinction movement event. So this dude that founded it he's on a worldwide crusade human is other members besides having children are so damaging to the planet, the only interest raking Hannity to die out voluntarily and he's an old guy. He's like he's he would get the senior citizens special at Denny's. Like, okay. Well, if you really believe it, why didn't you do it? You know? We'll somebody's got to tell everybody else they have to die. I mean, seriously what? So Steny Hoyer was telling media that edgy oh lawmaker today yelled at California Representative democrat Tony Cardenas to quote, go back to Puerto Rico, except what the media is doing by representing this bias with a mission. Is that Representative toady Cardenist? It was his pack that also apparently reportedly helped organize the whole trip, and he was down there in Puerto Rico and apparently just got back. Yeah. Yeah. So let's not talk about the actual. You know, let's make sure that we present it in the worst possible way folks, southern poverty law center's accused of racketeering and wielding the hate label to kneecap opponents this according to the Washington Times the hate they are a hateful group the center for immigration studies. Follow racketeering lawsuit against the southern poverty Law Center that was one-sided by attempted murderer fluidly Corcoran's who shot up. The Family Research Council offices in DC while carrying Chick-fil-A sandwiches during the whole Chick-fil-A argument of several years ago after finding their address and finding reading about them on the southern poverty law center's website. So we'll see how that goes. It's very interesting moving on down the line route Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancelled to upcoming events. She had to speaking events this. According to a couple of news outlets. She was going to attend January twenty ninth event in Los Angeles that was has been cancelled. And then there was another event scheduled for February six. With philanthropist, David Rubenstein, which was apparently also cancelled she's Kerr tailing, traveling focusing our no work while recuperating from recent surgery, according to an Email from folks representing her what we do wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she is in good health moving on wash this business. So in Virginia robots are taking over grocery store, aisles. Yeah. Well, apparently, this is the thing they're they're they're they're experimenting more and more grocery stores are experimenting. Yeah. I would be totally worried. They're experimenting with like robots assist with like groceries and stocking and things like that. I don't know one in Virginia. It looks creepy. I wish I could show to you on the on the radio, but I can't. Ooh. Alarming burnout is making doctors want to kill themselves. According to New York Post, they say that the the burn up from many doctors, it's becoming a huge problem research found that nearly half of all physicians. Feel completely depleted to the point where one in seven of contemplated suicide. We're gonna have a doctor shortage annual med scape. Report released Wednesday finds on average forty four percent of the medical professionals that your existence depends on report feeling stressed out to the point where they've considered leaving the field altogether. A higher percentage of these wiped out lifesavers are women. According to the survey of more than fifteen thousand doctors, the director of a web MD lead medical director. Dr Bruno the Nazeri says it's alarming and the numbers haven't changed. It continues to be a trend coming up foreign policy experts. Steven Yates joins us on the media, blaming Syria and this terror attack that killed some Americans on the president. Also, his thoughts on this now tantrum this going back and forth between Pelosi and Trump. Stay with us. It makes me proud that..

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