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Dot com and schedule your free estimate today It's a ten now and in Prince William and fairfax counties the goal is to relieve congestion on route 28 One piece of that puzzle the route 28 bypass is getting closer to some key decisions The route 28 bypass will be a four lane road stretching three and a half miles from Godwin drive at route two 34 and tie in with the existing route 28 just over the fairfax county line And now if we're looking at ting into existing 28 but the engineering team and some of the traffic analyses will determine what that tie in point will look like How low bolita is the planning manager for the Prince William county Department of Transportation The hope is to minimize the number of homes and businesses this place by the bypass You know we explain a lot of it will be determined during design Next Tuesday the county will hold a virtual briefing on the bypass project Nia law can stay in double TLP news In prince George's county Maryland the goal of an exhibit this week is to bring awareness to traffic deaths with the stories of those who have died in the area This is a heartfelt testimonial wall The live shatter on impact exhibit tells stories of traffic victims from the area and gives tips on the safe use of the road Paulette Jones public information officer the prince George's county department of public works and transportation said she hopes it sends a clear message The scream will show you testimonies of families and loved ones that have been impacted by fatalities The display is at the main prince George's county community college campus through February 16th and is in both English and Spanish Fire officials in Anna randell county are looking at what caused two separate double wide trailer fires overnight The first happened just after midnight in the 7800 block of Clark wrote in jessup battalion chief Russ Davies tells WTO investigators are looking at an enclosed porch as the possible origin there Nobody was hurt but a family of 5 there has been displaced The second fire happened after 3 a.m. in the 1500 block of Flanders lane and harwood fire officials say that one started in a crawlspace and extended into that family's home into the utility room Nobody was hurt in that case either both homes are considered total losses Residents in one part of spotsylvania county will elect a new member to the county board of supervisors today The seat in the Livingston district is open after the death of its former supervisor Barry jet in October Voters will choose between three candidates Raymond bell Justin Carlisle and Jacob Blaine to serve the remainder of the term which runs through 2023 Polls in the Livingston district are open now they'll close at 7 p.m. Keep it here coming up on WTO A man is sentenced for an attack at a chipotle in D.C. that was prosecuted as a hate crime I'm Mike morillo A.

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