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Does this work. I just seen what chips straw and other material. So what do they do to naturally, decompose the body that way, the profits back? A little bit a few years back to sunny, cold, livestock mortality, composting, which is something farmers and ranchers began to experiment with researchers as well and found as a efficient and environmentally friendly means of decomposition of large animals, and found one could with the proper mix of starter elements, the right Asian managing it for the right temperature. Cooed reduce fifteen hundred pounds steer into totally clean. Usable nutritionally rich soil in about a few months. They ran tests research program. At Washington state university with human remains people who were terminally ill and supported the project and wanted to donate their remains to the research and found that using a similar process. Human bodies could become that kind of clean rich soil in about four weeks. Yeah, it is pretty quick, and that's bones and all it requires, again, the right starter elements, the right area to keep the microbes happy. And it's relatively speaking, less onerous than people would think the microbes are really happy, and working really officially, they do their work quickly and they don't produce a lot of that off gas odor that we associate with something because that was one of my questions. What about the bones? Obviously, they're, they're tough to break down. So I didn't know that even in that short of time you know, four weeks. It's pretty quick. The bones. A little different than just a green burial hole and lays someone in just a cloth, shroud, or something that process of decomposition takes longer, because the conditions are different, but the right temperature right. Moisture the rates starter elements the process moves pretty fast. Now traditional ways of disposing of the bodies cremation usually burns to full SUV tanks worth of gas. They say that emits two hundred fifty thousand tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere each year traditional barriers, the body is pumped full of embalming fluid, obviously skits all of these measures slowly decomposed the body, and it produces a lot of methane gas, things like that, the traditional ways, environmentally are not necessarily the best was this Bill introduced specifically to address those issues it was, and it was one of the founder, Katrina, spades main divisions when she grew up in a farm in Hampshire pirates physician physician assistant, environmental activists. So familiarity with. Life death composting.

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