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Spent this entire time hyping up Connor McDavid and it might surprise some of the listeners to find out that he doesn't lead the league in points or goals. His teammate Leon durai Simon does. He's scoring at an outrageous piece. And Edmonton is regained the lead three to two. That's drive titles 200 National Hockey League goal. And boujee, this to me seems like the best offensive tandem we've seen in the league since Yara Mira and Mariel lemieux with the penguins in the 1990s. I want to know first if you agree with that assessment and also, if you think it's possible that at the end of this season, McDavid and dry side could both finish as MVP finalists like yoga and limb you did as teammates back in the day. Yeah, I really do think they can finish top three because they are different dry saddle is probably a better pure goal score. McDavid is shooting more this year than he ever has, which I like to see is close to four shots a game. His shots are going up. So I think they're going to I can't see any chance outside of injury that they don't finish one too. McDavid's on pace for 58 goals. He's never gotten 50 in a season 41 twice. He should get 58 this year. That's about his space. Maybe this pays will slow down. He'll get maybe 52. But I think he'll want to get it. He should get a 150 points this year. But when you watch their games, I mean, he drives them in every way. I can't imagine someone voting dry site ahead of him for MVP. It's him, man. And he's the one. He's the fuel injector. All right, it feels like Edmonton in the hockey world have been waiting for McDavid and the oilers to have this kind of season for a while now. Why is it taken so long and why is it happening now? Yeah, just roster construction is difficult. You can draft guys, you can bring them in. Some of it's obviously smart and wisdom and knowing how to build a team and understanding the balance of building a team and what you need and how you allocate money. It's hard at a hard cap era. You can't make mistakes. You know, they gave Darnell nurse a lot of money after, really, what will be probably his career year last year offensively, but they had to keep them. He's such a great athlete and he moves so well back there. So but that could make it tough. McDavid makes a lot dry settle makes a lot. Nurse makes a lot and there's only so much you can do. And then it's hard to get free agents obviously to come to Edmonton and then to keep young guys there. You got to overpay. So that's going to be a drag. And that's going to be a problem for these non destination cities. It'll be tough. You've got to kind of time it out right. Otherwise your windows are a lot smaller than a Boston and other places where players want to go to want to live and want to play. So it's going to be tougher for them. That's what I'm saying. I think the window is now, and they should probably empty the bucket to go for it this year and give McDavid all he can now because this is the time. This might be the time, but when we're looking long term, the oilers have McDavid locked up until 2026. He signed an 8 year $100 million contract in 2017. And I mean this with zero disrespect to the people of Edmonton, who were so kind when I was there during the bubble, very nice people. But I have to ask, is it good for the league to have their best player in a smaller market way up north in mountain time zone? No, it's just not. You know, it would be better if he was in New York or Chicago or Philadelphia. It just would be, you know? That's just the way the world works. Same with Matthews. You know, I wish Matthews was in LA and I wish McDavid was in New York and that's just the way it is. It's definitely better because it's face at ESPN when we show Canadian based teams. They don't rate as well. Although I got to tell you, that Edmonton buffalo game that I called in Buffalo, that was on ESPN+. Me and Ryan Callahan, AJ, alesco. That got a huge number of streams that night. So maybe it's time to rethink that that maybe we got to give those games a shot on American television, ESPN, TNT and see how it goes. As we talk about big market small market stars stuck in some of those markets, it's impossible not to mention that Wayne Gretzky, the oilers other singular star eventually left Edmonton for Los Angeles. I'm disappointed about having to leave Edmonton. I truly admire all the fans and respect. Everyone over the years. Do you foresee a scenario down the line where McDavid leaves for a big city? I do. You know, it's the careers are long. Some guys hang around, obviously and play everywhere. Ryan gifts laugh is going to do it nanhe. But of course, he's in Southern California, the ascent of the leave, the greatest weather on North America, the climate is where he is. So he's not going to be a lot of incentive to leave. But yeah, look at the impact Wayne Gretzky had on hockey in North America when he went to LA and how that just the domino effect for kids playing. You see now on a back of hockey cards born, Los Angeles, California. That didn't happen when I was a kid. And so that's the impact maybe, especially Matthews, I think, as an American kid and with his diverse background, could really have in the states. And but McDavid weather, especially if it was for a Florida, even again, you don't need more fans in New York and Boston and Philly and Chicago. But especially if he went somewhere in America that you in Seattle. He would Seattle will have a little bit of a hockey boom as it is, but someone like that would come in, it would have a huge effect. All right, again, McDavid and Gretzky, you can't help but compare the two. How would you say that McDavid has filled Gretzky skates in Edmonton? I think again, with his shy, quiet demeanor, which obviously, Canadians love and hockey people tend to tend to love to in value. It's a value to show humility and to be a little quiet and not be above yourself. So that alone is going to is a good place to start. And then just his sheer talent in how he's different than Gretzky, you know he's not the same person while still winning art Ross and MVPs and piling them up in a similar fashion and in a different league now where there's a lot more depth and more teams and the goalies are better and the fitness levels off the charts and the league is very young. So yeah, I think it's pretty cool that he is able to kind of carve out his own thing. I don't see him as in the shadow of grass. I don't see him as that being a pressure on him anymore because he's a man who is almost a made man at 24 career wise, and now he's just trying to get to his own next level for his own personal satisfaction. It's just about self satisfaction to him. I think more than proving himself to others, I sense that's the case. I don't sense a burden on him. You say that hockey values humility, but the other thing people in hockey value more than perhaps anything else is the Stanley Cup, which is the ultimate currency for a team championship. Our own John tortorella, the longtime NHL coach had some comments about McDavid on the point, which is ESPN to talk to studio show where she hosts Thursday's three p.m. ESPN2. And basically he said he thought McDavid need to alter his game to win in the playoffs. And towards also called him out for some of his complaints with officiating. Yeah, and he complained about it a little bit. He wasn't getting the calls. Quite honestly, and I hope I just shut up. Don't talk about it. Now, I think it's worth noting that McDavid has not drawn a penalty in the playoffs the last two years. But you're usually a host, but I know you've got opinions too. What did you think of tortorella's comments and most importantly, explain to.

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