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You can do better than me like a guy because if we're there or that person's there with you, they are believing that you are in their room. Yes. So like just keep that in mind we're all on the same playing field. If you believe you are amen and what a great introduction to I still stand by my statement, one of the best interviews I've ever witnessed here. Media. Hours and who radio this was excellent. Let's maybe toss it sophie. Let's toss it over to the Fabulous Jena Sims. Okay. Boys and girls. We have a very big guest today for many reasons but she's an actress and she's a loyal home team listener which we love that in here and she's the girlfriend of one of the top golfers in the world. Jena Sims welcome to home. T you so excited we've been waiting for this day for a very long time. Finally here we have been talking about Jenner coming to La and coming on the. Show for a long time. Honestly wait side note I did not say who boyfriend is her boyfriend's Brooks Koepka. So if you're listening to this and you know golf or you're listening to this because you WanNa hear about Brooks and Gina that Sushi's dating Jenin I became friends and she started listening to every episode of our show and it made our heart like me and our that makes our hearts melt literally every time we see positive messages it makes our day also she's not alone sophie. Oh we have a party in the studio today yes. Entourage. Yes Oh. K. rolled in with an entourage. We've a few girls in the studio. They're awesome. Everyone's beautiful. It's a good vibe in here. People are going to be jealous that they're not here. Honestly I knew I had to come. We leave him out for that one can use that. Thank God for that. Yes. So Let's just get into it before we start rolling. So me and Jenna have very interesting history. Should we dive into how we know each other I feel like it's craigslist like Miss Connection ad because we've been in the same room dated some of the similar people and now here we are yeah can we say that? So I have crossed over few times. We can say this is. Me and Jenner have not dated a ton of guys. But when you are in the same social circle and you're living in the same city, 'cause you're living in La. Sometimes things happen and we have a few of the guys and I kind of love that we must be similar. To meet clearly guys like both of us and I think we're born madeup apart. December. Sorry I'm psycho I already know your Birthdays Zimmer Twenty Eight, twenty nine. Yes, I'm thirtieth. Corn. LIBOR eighty-eight. Guys we were literally born one day apart. Yeah. This is to be this is meant to be stalking of you only were good reason I by the way we. Talk all the time like we talk on the show makes me feel better that other women are coming forward about their stalking because it's like we're not the only ones. Every girl does this young girl stalk? Okay. The Girls Hammers one hundred. Any guy who thinks it's crazy that we figure this stuff out there is not one girl on the planet who doesn't do this guys than girls sometimes because if I'm trying to find something, Brooks will be on. Most guys, I know would be like Okay. So we've dated a few of the same guys and what makes this interview particularly juicy and interesting in this is the coolest girl in the entire world because she has to be because the fact that she likes me and wants to come on here because if I were her I'd hate me. So I have just a little bit of history with her boyfriend when Brooks was single us, he did not cheat. This was not a situation where I was like the other woman. So I guess that's why you can get over the hump with it but we talked three years ago. This was twenty seven name. Yeah. Three years ago. Getting. We were talking we met we were not compatible. He's a great guy. I don't have a bad word to say about him and you know when people are single they have a bunch of guys. They're talking to a bunch of girls they're talking to and we cross paths. It didn't work out and one of the other girls who was talking to who he had a deeper history with became his girlfriend and that's Jenna. So when me and brooks were talking, how did you become aware of me? Okay. Speaking of stalking. Let's go. So every girl. Whether they admit it or not. Every girl has like a rotation of girls they regularly stock. Yeah. So I was in love with Brooks, while you were dating you. Know. I like, I hate me for you. That she wants to be my friend is so kind I did. So I saw that you guys follow each other and then Brooks was off your pictures. There's nothing worse than seeing that really i. started. Watching I wanted to know more about you because I like Brooks I had actually rekindled in. February. So there was a little crossover there I. Stopped Him. We can get into like how we got back together because Brooklyn I dated in two thousand, Fifteen I. Remember him telling me that there was a girl that he used to date. But then he had a girlfriend and when I was talking to him, I guess he had recently broke up with the girlfriend yet his his college ex we'll get into how we met story, right but you. So y'all each other he was lacking your post. And then I somehow stumbled upon your barstool interviews maybe you were doing that at the time..

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