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Parkin show. Thanks for hanging out CBS sports radio series, two six thanks interacting, on Twitter at Danny Parkin's normally do the show from Chicago but was in New York for a wedding and decided to extend it an extra day so that I can meet my man Ryan Hickey. You know, the executive producer of this show and hang out with my people in New York. And one of my people in New York, I didn't even know. It was coming in the night. I should have thought about it. But I'm inconsiderate John jastremski. Media star CBS sports radio. WFAN 'Send, y the Mike's on at how many jobs do you have Danny when you work crazy hours that I work you have to accumulate as many jobs as humanly possible. So hopefully looking for more presentable than I normally because I may have some smudges and make up on. Ten years ago. I'd be wearing makeup. I'm sure you've had some nasty comments for me. And we are, hey man, listen, I always knew you were going to be a star. And you are New York radio, you are New York television. So it only makes sense that you'd be on both Ming China appreciate that, man. Listen, I'm what Mr. Chicago right here. Go nationwide worldwide. So we look at a Yankee Cup World Series in October. I would be down for that. Let me tell you something. If we get a Yankee Cup World Series I will be at Wrigley field for always one of those games. Yeah. For that right now again I will be at Yankee Stadium for all of those games. To do so. But that's okay. Yeah, I will be if it's a Yankees cups World Series. I will be at all of the games cubs. Anybody World Series? I will be all the games. But listen is your team going to make it? What do you think? Yeah. I think the Yankees teen of America you do. Look at bullpen Rolette look at what they're doing right now without judge, what DD without Stanton. And Stanton is guy. I'm worried about see judge Yankee fans. Welcome back open on the franchise Didi, heart and soul of the team Stanton is going to have like that Iran. Mercenary hired gun and listen. We know he's a great talent gun. He's also very fought superstar fail. Yeah. Hiccup pitching swings garbage not have a great first year with the Enke's and was terrible in the postseason terrible. No question about it the I'd give you the Astros. The more talented. I just having seen them in the series against the cubs. They were ridiculous without Correa without altuve and without Springer all three of them out. Still put it up nine runs, like it's nothing. Garrett Cole pitching ace their bullpen cubs didn't even have to face ver- Lander. And they were still dominant like that team is really good. Honestly the top of baseball. This year is awesome. Very top heavy. I think there's just I know everyone thinks it's Astros Yankees dodgers. But I think there's a second tier of teams that also are right there. Like to me, it will be a wide open play every year. Danny depending on who makes the big move getting borough Lando last year. The cubs even though they ended up flaming out hamels helped a great deal hat for the Yankees. Help a great deal Red Sox getting involved in Pierce, they turn into God's gift in the postseason. I mean militating kimberlin Kyko there. They have no draft pick attached to people when he seven minutes ago. People winking to the Yankees. That's not the guy. I want I want on. On on keys, you want cash was going to ask you, listen, you might. Give them some good pieces of advice. I'm sure I'm sure you won't for the playoff experience. Exactly. I mean, name me a better big game pitcher in your life. I mean Kurt's showings up there. No Bumgarner cost me. Fifteen grands. Oh, that's right. You were doing Kansas City. I forgot about that at the time, the royals from June or July five hundred bucks at thirty two one and I did not hedge and I took it into game seven at Kauffman stadium. He comes out of the pen, they hit the you know the ball to the wall. Gordon, and they don't send him and then Salvi pops up. Did you take them the following year? Will. No. Really, I mean obviously weren't going to get the same value. That was the problem. I couldn't doing radio in Kansas City. He was still there at that point, I made money off the twenty fifteen royals. Really grateful banning. I was here in New York. And if the Mets won that championship, it was sent me into a state of depression, for months, Phil. I'm eternally grateful, two thousand fifteen see, I can't be. It was great. It was amazing. It was a professional highlight got a parade. And it was a crowning achievement at one of the coolest things I've done in broadcasting, but I should have won fifteen granted twenty four hundred same thing with Clemson. I had them the first year against Bama, I had two hundred bucks at thirty two one for six grand. My wife went to Clemson like your teams in the title game. We're flying Arizona were going to the game. This bet is going to pay for everything. So tickets title game airfare got six grand writing on the Shawn Watson. They can't stop them credible in that game up and down the field. It takes a MacKenzie Alexander injury. It take site chick a shack Lawson. Injury. The onsite can't can you drink and the kick return for the touchdown. It took four things for saving with that title. And then the next year there, the second favorites on the board. I have no value in betting. Clemson winter title has been good to Mito Bama championship a win last year. Obviously had him on the money line, a win and not to have you here. I'm sure you've been doing this for four hours, the warriors winning the series. Yeah. I got I had the warriors in five, but I think the Toronto actually matches up a little bit better than I thought. And these injuries are really Toronto. Melted down could hit a shot couldn't it a shot. And their defense has been great for seven of the eight quarters and it just completely went away in the third quarter. The biggest running NBA finals history, twenty nothing from the end of the second through the first five and a half minutes of the third assuming that doesn't happen. And everyone who's good in game. One was awful in game two PASCAL. Awful awful. Green was awful. They won't be as good as. They were in game one but they'll be better than they were in game two. If Katie comes back, obviously, it's easy, if clay is one hundred percent fine I'm sure they will be fine. But Klay looked really hurt and loonie looked really hurt. So I don't think that if you've got to go, forty eight minutes with Quinn cook, and bogut, and those guys playing I don't think the warriors are better than the raptors with the team that finished on the floor tonight. That's fair. I think six game series. I would not be shocked to see game seven in this series. No me neither I had it in five before the series thinking that the warriors will just shoot him in Katie. He'll come back by game three but they just keep getting her Igwe dollars also hurt. No one's healthy. Draymond the only one who's actually one hundred percent healthy right? It's amazing. Doll, hitting that shot that field Danny the no, no, yes, it's time for me. I'm on the Toronto side tonight. So I was not particularly happy about it, but I'll be honest, Dan, by the time that came early fourth quarter I basically was ready to flush ticket. Then not get the sense was winning again. Oh, I didn't I didn't either. I mean, the warriors controlled the second half. But I I couldn't either of the games the line. They bagging came over Toronto. And I felt like I had a bell the me, you know what I mean? Like when you got seventy percent of public on Golden State, and that line goes from, minus one warriors to like two and a half, Toronto that I'm going to go with the show. Outside any day of the week twice, again on Sunday. I got I I'm with you. I felt like they were begging you to take the warriors. Yes. Warriors as an underdog there, begging you to do it, but I agreed. I didn't think the warriors were going down to obviously, you, did you bet it champs are going down to they've won three of the last four titles. They are the better team. You pick them in six. I pick them and five and then you think Toronto is going up to. So I was a coward JJ. I stayed away plenty opportunities to get back involved for what's happening to for the next this offseason. Listen, it's fake press. Time bro. Hey. Listen, they have been as bad as it gets for eighteen years. I mean I go back to when I was a kid, the Knicks were not win a championship, but they were good every year we doing with Stark's with oakwood Eljay and use thin. So in making that porzingas straight, it's basically Kevin Durant, a bust, if they don't end up with Kevin Durant. It's a monumental failure because they're not going to be in the sweepstakes. I don't think he's interested to be honest with you clippers. He's going to probably stays in Toronto. So if they don't end up with Kevin Durant. I really don't know what they do. Because I think the worst thing you could do. If you Knicks now is take two of the be plus being minus guys and try to sell you on the championship team. When in reality, it's probably getting you to forty three or forty four wins, right? The worst case scenario is Kemba Walker in boogie cousins don't even say Walker boogie cousins and RJ Barrett. We'll be setting to her boss. Let's be honest, and Nick style put themselves in a position everybody in town. Is hoping and praying it's going to happen. They wanna believe the positive reports that are out there, but they also have the skepticism because it's the Knicks it's Dolan been that bad for so long, that I know a lot of people are of the mindset. Well, let's actually see this happen. I and we'll get excited. Would you sign for Kemba in Jimmy Butler? Now you wouldn't know dating what does that team doing? I get it meets Kemba Jimmy Butler in the third pick in the draft is a good Eastern Conference team. But it's like a forty four forty five win team. And listen. I don't know what's Porzingis is gonna look like for the remainder of his career, he could end up being stuck in Dallas. He could just flame out. Never stay on the court and just total be and all the Bockel of epic proportions off the court, I was sold abilities, potentially that the Knicks trading porzingas to max lots which means elite elite elite to make Kemba Walker. Jim. Baller? Nice players. Those guys is winning championships. Number one player. And I guess that's where on that is an expand while I'm saying, I'm not about having a team that's going to be stat mellow. You know what I mean? We all went down this road before I agree. Listen. I I understand. It's just do you, do you let it ride or do you head? I'm telling you could sign right now for Kemba Jimmy. It could be worse. I would continue to tank. That's what I would do. I'd built a draft and it will be painful, and it'll be miserable. And it will mean at least two or three years of irrelevant New York, Knickerbocker talk. But if they can't end up with the Kremlin Graham, Jimmy their friends Kyran, Jimmy. You know, if you would ask me to your ago, I would've said absolutely, yeah. Now, let me ask you this question can carry Irving be the number one player on a championship team. I don't think so I don't either. I think he absolutely great. Number two. We sell Braun. I think Jimmy and RJ Barrett is pretty awesome fun team to what that's a pretty good team. And he's hoping with that team that Kyrie Irving is going to embrace being the alpha male. And that eventually or j buried could take title from career. Correct. And that's why I was always on board with the idea of hope imprinted, got the number one pick getting Winston here and having him take that torch from Kevin Durant. You know, this, you remember doing radio in Syracuse James Horne against Syracuse could not avoid any worse. I've that game. Tell me Danny that day. James harden, would end up being an MVP the Amazon get the hell out of no way..

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