Senior Adviser, Barack Obama, Clinton Bush discussed on Background Briefing


Joining us here today thank you and again it'd be speaking with next beckman is a senior fellow at the national security and director of the moscow project at the centre american progress he formally served as the united states to pass the state including a special assistant to the under secretary for arms control and a speechwriter for secretary of state john kerry we'll get it could be station break we back looking into foreign policy challenges abroad as the us stance poised to lose all of the blood and treasure has invested in the middle east in iraq and syria to russia and the iranians but the bill welcome back ibn masterson this is background briefing available twenty four seven a background briefing dot org a joining us now david phillips the director of the peacebuilding and rights program at the institute for the study of human rights of columbia university and the oath of losing a rock inside the postwar reconstruction fiasco he's a former senior adviser and foreign affairs expert to the us department of state union administrations of presidents clinton bush and obama and.

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