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Mercedes slapped keeping his company all morning long. It's always good to see you, Mercedes. It's great to see you, too, Larry and I love your insights into the trump White House since you were there on the ground boots on the ground or in your case, I guess you know chills, so I don't the ground. Yeah. In the White House during the Trump administration and joining us right now is Joe diGenova, our legal analyst, former U S attorney for the District of Columbia because, on Friday, the media was all its hitter about this story. They were all wringing their hands very upset that during the Trump administration, you know Joe leaks to the media are are illegal. There were a lot of leaks coming out, especially of the House Intel Committee. It appeared in a couple of other congressional committees. And the Justice Department. They pulled some metadata from Apple on Adam Schiff and some staffers and some other people there in Congress to try to track down where these leaks were coming from. Talk to me about the legality here. Whether this is an appropriate way for the Justice Department to behave and also sort of the the double standard of outrage with regard to the Justice Department. Look, you know, hunting down this crime using metadata versus some of the other intrusions that we've seen from other Justices Department Justice Department, including this one. Well. First of all, the investigation of leaks is authorized. Under the National Security Act, and by the Justice Department's organic legislation. There is a national security division at the department, whose responsibility it is is to enforce the espionage laws, which includes leaking classified information. Adam Schiff and the Democratic members of his committee where long suspected of leaking classified information during the Trump administration. In an effort to quote unquote get President Trump and so the Justice Department. Apparently, we don't know all the facts but apparently Sought the metadata, which Adam Schiff himself had sought in his role as the chairman of the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff had gone out and gotten the metadata phone and email data. Of Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Devin Nunes, Republican staffers and my wife, Victoria. Tempting. It is rather bizarre to hear Pelosi and shift now complain about the Department of Justice, doing exactly what shifted under his authority as chairman. That's interesting. I do want to ask you, Joe, like, Don't you believe that this Department of Justice and I'm actually surprised with Attorney General Merrick Garland that they really are honing in on the Trump administration. These are investigations are only going to continue. For the Trump administration, despite the fact that they're out of power. I don't think there's any doubt that the days of an objective Justice Department are over. We have watched this under. I'm really shocked at Merrill Merrick Garland stewardship. That he has allowed this to transpired. He's always had a reputation for being a moderate. It appears that he has either no control or doesn't care about what's going on in the department. This is clearly a continuation of the Trump derangement syndrome by using the forces. Which were begun with Mueller and Weisman. To go after continued to go after Trump people putting aside what the attorney general and and the Manhattan district attorney or doing in New York to trump and the Trump family, But we learned, for example, that in February of 2018 Um Robert Mueller and Weissman went after the phone and email records of Don McGahn and his wife. Yes. There was some speculation about this that it might have been the Department of Justice in February of 2018. It was not. It was Mueller. It was part of his ongoing witch hunt of President Trump and those in the Trump administration. So it is a continuation Mercedes of the same thing that was going on with Mueller and Weisman in 2018. Well, that story about Tom McCann. Let's Let's pull that thread a little bit here because he knew at that moment was the White House counsel in 2018. They pulled his information from Apple and then his wife. I mean, what? What is the is that just an intimidation tactic? What is the justification for going after a man's wife was working in the White House? Frankly, I think it's outrageous. They went after the White House counsel. There's got to be some firewalls here, between between the DOJ in the White House. Wouldn't there be? Well, remember, Remember when you aren't a special counsel, which Mueller was? He is the attorney general. Under the rules, he does not have to consult. With bar or whoever was the attorney general at the time, he accessions whoever he does not have to consult with that. So when Mueller and Weissman issued those subpoenas for the metadata From a gone and his wife and others. No one in the department necessarily would have known about that. This again is another example of the craziness that went on under Mueller. But But, Joe, I think when it comes to the don McGahn records, it really does show that you know if it was Mueller asking for these records, it was because don McGahn felt pressured. I mean, the accounts show that Don McGahn felt pressured to fire Mueller. So do you think that's the reason why We saw the Justice Department make this move or allegedly make this could have been. It could have been one. There's no way we can tell And we may never know because there's certainly no since Republicans do not have the subpoena power do not control either House of Congress or the White House. There will be no investigation. Of anything that was done by Mueller. I can assure you and certainly the shift and company. We'll have no problem doing whatever they want to do. This is I. I must say elections do have consequences. And when we lost Georgia, we lost the ball games. Jodi Jenna. But let's shift from the questionable legal tactics of the federal government and moved to the corrupt media because over the weekend on Friday, I should say Thursday and Friday we saw Jeffrey Toobin returned to CNN after I mean some outrageous and disgusting behavior at the workplace when he was at the New Yorker. Let me ask you just a basic question. If I'm a woman and I work at CNN, do I have a case against CNN for creating a hostile work environment? I would not want to work there with Jeffrey Toobin knowing all of this Well, it's a needless to say CNN has no sense of shame. I mean, they've long since lost that putting Jeffrey Toobin back on television is really the embarrassment and then they did that phony makeup interview..

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