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The best rim runners nba jam told me he he's the best run i've ever seen in my life i've never seen guy run the floor better than that and he's got a very quick second bounce he's a great rebounder he's plays with with a big time motor he's a phenomenal athlete and finish his everything with dunk and you know he's got some potential to be a creator also face from the basket he's got a great first and the hope is that he can figure out how to play defense because that's something he does not do right now doesn't even show any instincts see right there that little word yeah big big men that inspires a sentence the the warriors that he doesn't know how to play defense is a little scary agreed i mean look if you put my top one hundred you'll see where i have bagley not at number two and so i think you gotta go with fish there you have to really look at gerry jackson and mogambo to me is the most interesting prospect in the draft so those guys to me along with eytan are better prospects and bagley but these an old school guy and they're still auto school people in the nba who you know like they love that kind of big man well pelton wrote about this last week and i wanted to ask you about it because i do think it's a fascinating question you know we see he highlighted to number one small ball seems to be persisting now in the playoffs is a real thing centers getting played off the court you know and it's easy to cast like the warriors and the rockets as anomalous teams into some degree they are but even like even the celtics when they put horford at the five now joel embiid stayed on the floor because he's joel embiid but they had to hide him on marcus morris it became very hard for him to to defend pick and roll spread pick and roll of with the threepoint shooting center and i know i know teams like this i know the celtics particularly when when go air is on the floor and they play utah they're like put horford at the five and play him playing right a floor we're not afraid of him and then.

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