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Preview twenty nine thousand nine season football is finally here not really but we're GonNa talk about it so let's get it football football. It's a real sports fan. I am Jack Settlement from real underscore sports on snapchat a one million fouling paid the greatest snap account real under sports. Give it a five you haven't with me. Tonight is my longtime best friend Abe ran off Abe I we know football football football football baby. I love the energy. You've been a little low energy. I guess that's what happens when the Eagles reported to training camp today as well as twelve other teams like the energy's high right now yeah we're excited but before we get into it coming up in a few two weeks we will be playing in a basketball tournament together for team. Trust the process. I didn't get to name the team. Obviously I would have never let that happen but it's Virga 'cause it's for charity. Abe explain writes the flowers what lift balls all all right so jack and I <hes> seventeenth. I believe that we can we're playing in a charity basketball tournament very competitive for that matter <hes> with a couple of buddies who grew up with my brother included but more importantly <hes> the purpose of the tournament is to raise money for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center which is a very big <hes> cancer treatment and Research Institution in New York City was founded way before the nineteen hundreds as New Your Cancer Hospital <hes> so the point the point of the tournament is just to raise money as much as we can for cancer research and then go out there and having competitive day and inevitably bring home a ring <hes> Jack knifed him playing in this torment for what two three years now well. This is going to be my second third <hes> but most importantly we don't have a ring and <hes> we need your guys help to help us in terms of seating in in order to get that ring so the real spam. We're going to put the wink tomorrow of some sort that get two guys if the real sports fan could each donate a dollar five dollars fifty cents anything you're able to give <hes> to our team. Trust the process. <hes> jacks a little bit of an outlier here because we're all sixers fans on the team but he'll suck it up for a weekend for the good cause yeah. It's all for real 'cause they gave a sign. If you guys can just if.

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