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Past year, we're clear, all wetter and all spur. Ring thanks to advanced regeneration dot com. The Sinus treatments. The doctor David Slater recommended that protocol initiated by Heather and Katrina has totally transformed my winter and spring allergies. Sinus infection. This knocks it out. Both of my Sinuses are clear. I urge you to go to advanced regeneration dot com Ping him right now for your appointment, or 469708, Triple zero. Five. When you go to advanced regeneration dot com, you'll see the medical studies that back up high intensity laser therapy make a huge difference. Advanced regeneration dot com for 69708 Triple 05. They intentionally cratered a bunch of stocks by not letting people buy it on Lee selling it. There was only one outcome Crater the stock. They basically stole money from their own clients. They knew that was gonna happen. Toe help the hedge funds basically cover is there proof of that? If they do the investigation, right? I'm sure there will be But you know, it's one thing. We're worried and you freeze the market and you can't buy yourself and people are like Corday that what it is fine, but to intentionally crater the stock at the expense of all of your customers. Well, that's criminal. In my mind, that's flat out friendly. Welcome back to network radio dot com. The best in financial news and portfolio strategy with your host Spencer Macallan. Welcome back to net worth radio dot com. Thank you for joining us today's program. This is the grand finale.

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