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The nfl free agency is set to begin next week in already some moving parts as it appears the legion of boom is breaking up the seahawks wednesday agreed to trade the fence event michael bennett ended seventh round pick to the philadelphia eagles for a fifth round pick in wide receiver mortgage johnson and according to reports richard sherman time in seattle could be coming to a close he was allegedly saying goodbye to his teammates wednesday the new york giants have acquired linebacker alec oba tree from the rams virtue 2018 draft picks nothing can become official until the new league your begins on the 14th in the nba you can make it seventeen street now for the rockets after a 110 ninety nine win over the bucks ten straight wins for the orleans the pelicans be king's 114 101 cavs got by the nuggets thanks to a big fourth quarter from abroad james ross brought up by camera hilep wiped out by three abroad where's up wide jim i've got a half a fadeaway jumper off look jeeves feeding hager that big max where the cavalier press well exorbitant glories buckets of take it a time out that shot was all the real goal in the cows radio network lebrun finished with thirty nine points 10 assists as glee would be the nuggets one third seed a one eight the jazz route the pacers 104 eighty four in overtime the raptors eggs the pistons once what you one winning team will stop the grizzlies 119 one ten lakers edged the magic one eight one seven in college basketball with the big twelve tournament underway kansas will be without 7footer yoga as a bouquet as he suffered a sprained mcl inpractice just one ticket punched the big dance on wednesday book del winners of.

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