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And now move the sticks the divisional round with Daniel Jeremiah Bucky Brooks and read Louis. Hey Hey everybody welcome to the move the sticks takeaway podcast following a terrific divisional round a weekend in the playoffs. Right Lewis here in studio radio with Bucky Brooks. Dj is on his way to Tampa for the East West Shrine game as it is championship week now in the NFL and his all star season is in in College Football Dj in Andrew. Getting Ready Intersil Yano getting ready for the East West Shrine game this Saturday and then Bucky and I in the nightcap this Saturday from the Rose Bowl we'll take the baton for the NFL PA collegiate bowl so we're excited for that. They'll have practices this week. that we're going to be at will actually take our next podcast stuff from the Wednesday practice at the NFL PA game practice in at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. So we're excited for that. But of course we today are taking a look back at the divisional round of the playoffs. We also saw the final head coaching piece. PUT INTO PLACE BY THE CLEVELAND. Browns hiring hiring offense coordinator for the Vikings Kevin's defence. Qui Quick reacts on that before we get into the to the divisional round takeaways. Here Buck. Well I'm not surprised by the canvas defense key higher. Sure if you hear the conversation coming out of the last go round it. He interviewed very well. Any impressed a number of the people in the front office final the final slash year. So I'm not necessarily a surprise. And then when you begin to kind of put the pieces of the puzzle Together and how. The browns are kind of reportedly wanting to move to a more analytical base thing chemist danske pain graduate policy for destiny in a Harvard graduate in their proposed. Angie very also being a Harvard graduate it would would appear to work. I have some questions about how you can put all of those pieces of the puzzle together while also changing the culture. But that's something that chemist fancy Danske can address at his initial press conference. Obviously I plays out. Yeah we'll get into that Who's he going to bring along for his staff? Interesting as well guys that are going to be in that frame of mind and with an analytics background and then of course that leaves a hole for the Vikings to fill perhaps Gary Kubiak to jump into the role their soda. They're also moving on from their defensive coordinator George Edwards there in Minnesota's well so kind of a fresh start at the upper levels of the Vikings coaching staff after their loss to the forty niners. Yeah Yeah like this. Is this the the Kinda crossroads right and the Minnesota Vikings Not only with the coaching staff. You alluded to Kiev Stefanski moved. There probably means Gary Kubiak comes down and takes over over's office coordinator. George Edwards contract wasn't renewed. So Rail Mike Zimmer has to figure out how does he want to handle the defensive coordinator position he is a guy that calls player. So it's not huge deal together that's going to carry the title and do all the stuff takes place behind the scenes and they gotta make some decisions. Asians on players Everson Griffen than some of their other players are up. How since in the last year of his deal now so how did they want to go forward and this is a team that has done? I mean they've kind of done at all. We've seen goes to the championship game. We've seen him bow out early. We seem to get to the division round which they did against the forty niners at just haven't been able to get over the Hump so so major major major decisions. If I'm not mistaken. I think there's something going on with their general manager. Rick Spielman maybe his deal is GonNa go maybe you. Maybe he's about to enter the last year ever so a lot of conversations that need to be had with their front office in terms of what the future looks. Looks like and we'll get into that. Vikings Forty niners game here shortly early but let's begin our division around takeaways with the wild and wacky and one of the most courageous games we've ever ever seen in the postseason the chiefs versus the Texans buggy get started with the chief side. TV stars slow but finished fast goal to go for the chief fleeting forty one thirty one. We have played a minute and three seconds in the fourth quarter. They action fake left side our city in quite a touchdown in his five-year career. Either in the regular season this is his first post-season game what was exciting bill. Also Kelsey cut right. So here's my take away from the chiefs. It's one thing that I've worried about. Having played in the stadium hadn't been apart the chiefs having had the number one seed in home field when you play a home playoff golf game. And you're the favorite and you may be prohibitive favorite. There's a lot of pressure can kind of seep in To the sideline deck in effect you with the Kansas City achieve to one thing that I was worried about is not necessarily them coming off the bye week but they have so many young players. How did they quickly adjust to the playoff environment and atmosphere when you had a week gough? Meanwhile the Houston. Texans have kind of gotten battle-tested because they had that overtime win against the buffalo bills and I think what we saw in the opening quarter we saw all of the nerves. Kinda play out. They had uncharacteristic drops. Behead bad plays turnovers tyreek Hill muffed a punt. All all of the things that we really haven't seen from this team it Kinda played out at I fifteen minutes. They're saving grace and we'll always be there saving grace is they have the office that is is. It's like a video game office like when they get to rolling when when that offense kind of catches fire they can score points in bunches in the fact that they scored was it forty. One straight on forty-one unanswered unanswered points after that that is. I mean that is that you can't even think think about an NFL offense being able to do. So when people make the comparison and I've likened them to the Golden State Warriors of the most recent years where man when the three ball stores going when they get hot. It's good it can run you out the stadium and that's what we saw happen to the Houston Texas to MVP's in this game for the Kansas City chiefs. I am not talking about Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelsey or even Damien Williams Daniel Sorensen McColl Hartman. Yes in this game because it it was about stemming the tide they needed to make some place to stem the tide that the Texans had built in that lead so it started with Daniel Sorensen Lawrenson and it started before the Michael. Michael Hartmann return because Sorenson tackle Duke Johnson. A yard shy of a first down on third and nine. They got eight yards brought up a fourth and one bill. This is when they were up. Twenty one nothing bill. Deepen chiefs territory. Bill O'Brien wanted to go for. Yeah tried to go for dating in the right right personnel or didn't have the right play. Something got screwed up so he called the time out. They ended up having to kick the field goal. They are up twenty four to nothing right so then me Kohl Hartman comes in. They needed a spark and soon kick off after the field goal he goes fifty eight yards right there and now it's like all right. This is is what this is more like us. This is the we're the chiefs. This is what happens. We're exposed to plays fifty nine seconds. Later touchdown was on the you know the juice. It is so funny money because I think what we saw all weekend. The Emotional Ebbs and flows in playoff games at different in a regular season like the highs are so high in the low. Those are so low and sometimes if you don't have a mature enough team to navigate through it you can find yourself on the on the short end of the stick for the Kansas City chiefs. They were Kanada desperate situation when they kick off to Biko Hartman because they try to put re-keeled and that kind of speaks to. That was one of the time before that on the the poverty poverty for return because he's the designated hitter big place where we can put him back daycare. You need a sport he must. That's when we see them kind of run out because the probe over Turner who had done it all year comes back and he breaks off a big return and you can feel the energy and then when it's going to play and now yeah was to snowball effect of. Oh my gosh. What are we GONNA do here? They come here. They can fences feeling they. Force a three and out on the next Texans offensive possession. Then the Texans I'm trying to fake punt on fourth down. What didn't hate it? I didn't eat the book and and I will say this source and again there it is one tackle will against Justin Reed gives them down great tackle because any other situation might Wanna one. That's what you live for in the national four yard. Go make a play go makeup and it wasn't it wasn't always I do understand with bill. O'Brien said Bill. O'Brien said he felt like he had to get out of the stadium with fifty points to get a win. Yeah and so. So he was fifty two overaggressive. Try going forward. But that's stop and once they get A. Ah and you could just kind of feel going once that offense got to rolling a tough so that was the fake punt. Sorenson comes up with the biggest tackle the game right there because if you felt like Houston converted converted. Maybe they stem the tide right because when you looking at the game I think the one thing that you notice very early Houston was playing very deliberate in slow. They were taking the play clock down to under five seconds on each snap they were trying to shorten the Games shrink the game and really put the pressure back on. Kansas City's offense to feel the heat he'd of having to score and having to chase points and that play stem the tide gave it another opportunity to score and then once they seconds later are they scored their second touch once they closed to within what fourteen ten twenty four to fourteen at that point and you can fill villain and then I'm looking at the clock at the end of the second half in the second quarter saying man if Houston doesn't have a drive here because Kansas City got the ball coming back. I'm doing kickoff. They forced sorts enforce another football and then it was twenty four twenty one. And you're like now. It's more than a run that achieved running. Now you're try. And so as well as it played out for the Houston Texas in the first quarter. Everything leads they lose present everything all the momentum all the advantages before you even get into half-time. Yeah they can't seem to get in the ball out you just knew they're going up at that point. It was a runaway. So let's just finish the thought here on this game with the Texan side of things. I have never seen a game. Where special teams had such a huge impact both positively positively or negatively on team's fortunes in a game infects is about to get it back to kick off on our left to right hand and just one short? Here's Carter at the one yard line straight ahead. Five ten fifteen twenty and the ball's out and he's gotTa Props Absentee Woodside the flood on his daddy yard line when topped the ball pop. Why did you his hands and the keys? I go.

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