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And he was like me and my match were being i had been weekend on the booze so the dreams get and then we're being chased around some failed with brian constant and he was like tron like methods and we were trying to jump away from like these nightmares they're just like are you wearing that by fan actually no i just know that that's the whole premise of wade head do you know what to migraines they tend to when it's other celebrities is about working with different people so i would have been the ones that you don't even about anymore but it was like michael jackson thing i was just like the time i was thinking i would have loved to wet with him david bowie it's brown those times reminded me of people that i was like did you ever get to meet either know the song stuff which i sampled from let's dance and i got a response david by saying that he loved the version i did which was i mean we prefer young kids from dave volume it was amazing i'm not sure way the craig david was actually talking about a dream that he has had while he was asleep or maybe just someone he wanted to work with obviously though receiving a message from david bowie about your song that's the dream come true whatever way you look at it now as you know my passion is journalism print journalism is where it all started for me but i will always right the facts so one of the questions i always love finding out about especially in this era of fake news is what guests most bizarre story of everett about themselves is so it's over two kickoff liam payne expiration star ronnie from the killers and annastasia i was dead that's so disturbing niles at the same thing that's awful you could buy celery you can be dead in the paper loyal you we we did on twitter you can be all right on twitter.

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