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That is Dan Billingsley from heat wave heating cooling and plumbing and and then we got a lot of great information that first segment a lot about the fifty eight point inspection we guys come out and and tune up somebody's AC system and make sure that everything's working correctly I think that's what a lot of people don't realize is yeah maybe your AC's running but if it's not running efficiently if it's not running correctly it's really going to damage the longevity of that system is in a tent yeah actually it will big time so like we're talking about earlier with the fifty point tune up you know there's a lot a lot of things that go into that you know our guys are trained to look at your system as a whole you know and most people don't realize that your system is made up of three major components your you got your outside unit which everybody knows about you got your air handler which sometimes can be a closet are up in the attic you know we're people it's on us sight out of mind and then you have to go there Dan I'm afraid to go there with that with the attic like a lot of us we've you know we love you guys to come do it because we're just afraid to get up there right so we we get up there you know our guys is you know as long as it's if it's middle day and it's not like a hundred forty degrees in your attic you know we can reschedule if we need to like for the first of the morning or later in the evening when it cools down but a big portion of the system is actually in your attic and that's where you know your dock work is you don't around here most of all of our ductwork is located in the attic and actually the average home around here ductwork loses about twenty thirty percent of their that moves through through leaks in your dock work in the attic thing Oles and then I think a lot of us who are like me where I just kind of look at my duct work is made up rates there it's just there and I think it's doing its job and I don't realize the importance of it we were explaining to me this is really an integral part of the system isn't it this is much more important and I think people realize isn't it yeah it is your you know your ductwork moves the air that you're paying to cool you know you're paying the Electric Company all this money for your air conditioner run cold air the dock workers were circulated around the house and to all your bedrooms and rooms you know and unfortunately all the duct work goes through the attic so basically just think about your mom growing up if you're listening in your car right your mom if you leave the front door open anyway when I Pandey he'd be outside or not paying to cool the out just think about that you don't want to pay to cool your addict and you were saying ten twenty to thirty percent you could lose of the air you're actually pushing through or should be pushing through your home within your duct work in the addict yeah you know there's a lot of a lot of times a lot of leaks and holes or like even ductwork we've even found on inspections word doc was completely disconnected just dumping cold air in your attic you know cool your attic I mean there's no point of crashing your attic and that just waste so much money on your electric bill so if we're on shore about our ductwork for on shore about any single part of our system when it comes to our air conditioning and heating I guess the best bet is just have you guys out there for that too not because I mean you just give us a great it's a great deal for our listeners and if you want to reiterate that again so that they understand how great that deal is but for that little money to be able to find out exactly how our system is working it's it's a no brainer resident in yeah I honestly it is you know I mean art like you said earlier R. fifty eight point tune up takes ninety two hundred twenty minutes on average to inspect your whole system and you know right now we're doing it for you for just thirty nine dollars that's an hour and a half to two hours if you're bad at math out there right that's a long time to have somebody in your home for under forty dollars it's it really is a great value and again if if somebody's been one of those people that Hey I know my A. C. needs to get maintenance work every now and then I know that I maybe I should have my duct work worked out I know that maybe my AC is not as efficient but I'm just I'm just kind of put it off tell people what can go wrong will go wrong with your air conditioning your heating system if you're not doing that maintenance if you just kind of like I will get it next time because next time did you know this it becomes a week a month and all the sudden it's been a couple years until somebody's been at your house and how long can things go when that's the case you can go extremely wrong you know I mean your system is running almost figure around here and I mean that's that's a ton of run hours a week we rated as you know system get pretty dirty it's amazing how dirty they can get like literally just six months and we typically remit recommend getting your system checked out every six months you know before the beginning of season and and kind of after the summer's over you don't get it tune back up and ready for you know the next six months and we talked about the fact that if your doctor work is in price you know if it's leaking you could be losing air that you're paying to cool like you said you're losing that into your attic but it's it's not just that is a damp you're gonna get some of the air some of that and nobody likes to be up in the attic so that dust right that's from the attic it's going to go into the system and end up in your home as well isn't it yeah so what happens is you know your addict there is full of insulation fiberglass or different cellulose in it there's just a ton of dust from the insulation and what happens when you're when you have a breaking your ductwork or it's sucking error and it's sucking all that dust and talk particles in it insulation in your system and then it blows around your house and then circulated back through your air handler and clogs up make sure your hands are all dirty and passes it back through your house so you're you're like you're breathing all that nasty stuff from the attic and and I mean I wouldn't want to knowingly breed the attic in my regular or their my attic regularly I mean I'd rather I'd rather not I'd rather not absolutely no I'd rather not pre the and I'd rather not pull the attic dear you works both ways I don't I don't waste my money and I also don't want to breathe dirty air so it it's obvious how important this is and get it out of sight out of mind we kind of don't think about it but it really is a lot more important people think really quickly Dan one more time for people want to take advantage of a fifty eight point two and out for thirty nine dollars what's the phone number okay it's eight one three seven one zero five seven five seven seven one zero five seven five seven eight one three seven one zero five seven five seven and again it's a fifty eight point two not a fifty eight point two and up for thirty nine dollars that's absurd and and listen you've probably had an easy company at your house at one point saying they were doing a tune up and they're in there out of there like half an hour they're talking about ninety minutes to two hours when they come out from heat wave so they're not messing around not waste your time and then to make sure that you're not wasting your money so make sure you give them a call we'll have more information for you more from our expert Dan Billingsley more right here on the heat wave air exports radio show on newsradio WFLA news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA protesters are marching to Saint Petersburg in response to the death of George Floyd Minneapolis officer David shaman is currently being charged with homicide and manslaughter for Floyd's death protesters are starting at Saint Petersburg city hall before heading to the police department meanwhile Martin County sheriff William Snyder says there's a great sadness what was done to George Floyd sure Snyder said yesterday that it is a new he says the issue of the interaction between law enforcement and minority communities have been going on for a long time in the U. S. and after being postponed due to bad weather SpaceX will try to launch astronauts to the international space station from Cape Canaveral today we've got a lot.

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