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Two sixty eight sixty eight or visit our website at US W. metal roofing dot com southwest metal roofing systems do it once do it for life from the W. away I traffic center so far the ice right across our area this early morning hours of major accidents which told vehicles to report we do have a couple of ongoing construction zones possible lane closures at times I ten Easter Ackerman also on the north side sixteen oh four if you head east and west at two eighty one hi Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I breezy and cooler for Saturday widely scattered showers and storms with clearing skies later on temperatures drop down in the mid upper forties sunshine Saturday breezy and cooler mid sixties partly cloudy in upper sixties Sunday I'm meteorologist Ken boon from the weather channel one San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. O. A. I. the I heart radio app is podcasts music I can make a play list like a one stop shop basically so easy to use I don't think about it it's just tap here tab they're not only on my phone but on all three of my kids I pad I love that it's free and I get all the music and then I discovered podcast all the best bye Catherine this app totally free the I heart radio app radio music podcasts all free free never sounded better download the I heart radio app today a you away on a local news Texas is not planning to accept any federal refugee settlements this year governor Greg Abbott.

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