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And under oath Christopher Steele disowned his own dossier you about this, before they all knew about it before the. Election which is my point Jonathan's going to hate me because we're out of time, but I love you both Jonathan cheap no more New York Times bestseller Danielle my, blood pressure is up The, Sean Hannity show on WCBS Seven ninety five northbound side trying. To get up toward Owings mills there was an earlier accident and state highway indicating that the essence cleared out and things are picking, up, the. Pace there on seven nine five then it looks like a little bit of volume coming down coming north on, three Harrisburg expressway in hunt valley. All the way up the Hertford it's an accident on. The northbound side of eighty three it's going to, be just tired at one thirty seven, and then interloop a little slow Jeff x.. Toward York, round the west side. Outer loop slow from six ninety five twenty six Ben, right at the ninety five brands. But kind of slow. This accident, on the outer loop two nine five delays approaching purdis creek in the construction keyboards looks good all the way up toward rossville, and Carney and pretty decent volume but making. Progress of ninety five capitol, beltway I'm Alexander on, talk radio six eighty WCBS oh we are not tracking a lot. Of storm coverage here for tonight most of the isolated sort of drifting southeast and that'll be the case again. For Friday temperatures in the nineties I do think, upswing storm coverage into this weekend Or widely scattered. Thunderstorms in the forecast by Saturday here sky tonight sixty eight degrees I've Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel for talkradio six eighty WCBS, now, keeping. You connected with the latest news this is talk radio six PM and

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