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U. S. Education Department, Donald Trump And President discussed on Howie Carr


To compete as girls in high school violates the civil rights of athletes who have always identified as female according to a letter from the U. S. education department's civil right office good so this is what we're going to count those long as Donald Trump as president about about eight of batching the bosses are education secretary if I buy new selected they they got the boys will be back in the girls events next year the nutmeg state and how we a story I did not get to yesterday Disney world to re open in July you see world to re open in June good I think one of the other big theme parks in Tampa is having a problem because they've got one of these you know wild blue state type mayors planted behind enemy lines here in the the state of Florida so they're having a problem what is it Busch gardens in in Tampa I think that's what it has yeah I guess appetite is supposed to open by July fifteenth and the Magic Kingdom in the animal kingdom on July eleventh I help those monkeys in the animal kingdom will social dissonance they have some very unsanitary habits Grayson digit never been down I will get in the way of our face coverings are the new normal but the kind you use really matters because not all offer the same protection born naturals as a highly recommended consumer covering its three layers of ultra soft.

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