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Two thousand eighteen was looking for a while there like it was going to be a lousy year for the American solar power industry. The Trump administration put thirty percent tariffs on imported solar panels, and it said quotas to physically limit imports as well. But the future of solar and apologies in advance. But I honestly, I don't know any other way to say this the future of solar looks pretty bright. Goldman Sachs was out with a report this week saying solar installations are going to be up thirty three zero percent this year, and as marketplace's Eric embarrass reports last year might not have been as bad as some feared tariffs ditch down. How many solar panels were bought for industrial commercial and utility installations. According to a new study by the solar energy Industries Association and consultants wood MacKenzie. Overall solar installations were down two percent from the year before does tariffs are like a drag right there like this unnecessary weight. That's abigail. Ross hopper presidents of the solar energy Industries Association. Residential installations tho those went up. That's because despite the tariffs solar prices have fallen forty seven percent over the last five years. Plus, there's a federal tax credit for going solar and some states offer subsidies says sovereign born. Stein who teaches energy economics at UC, Berkeley, the panels are only a third of the cost the rest is installation. And that's down to residential installers are getting better at figuring out how to efficiently put panels on houses, the solar industry expects, the number of new panel installations to double over the next five years. That's something. Peggy marker is already seeing. We've definitely seen an uptick in solar. I would say marker runs a construction company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida terrorists have had a significant effect on her business. She swapped out steel and granite for cheaper materials, for example. But when it comes to demand for solar panels past probably year and a half it's become more prevalent Florida's solar industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. According to the recently released national.

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