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Risk um a big emphasis in the alternative rift space is longterm cost containment longterm risk management strategies and after about eight years on the pnc side i took a look at uh where i wanted to go careerwise and decided that i wanted to branch out and uh be exposed to it and get a knowledgebased really hopefully expertise into the health insurance face and so i transition to stop loss and stoploss is a coverage that large employers purchase when their self insured whether uh selfish or their health insurance and they want to buy catastrophic insurance protection a transition to the stoploss world which first started actually as a uh property and casualty coverage so a lot of similarities and that happened in two thousand into two thousand three tender those transitioning i noticed that the wellness initiative risk manager was really just starting to come about um and so i was able to apply a lot of the risk management lost control but safety measures strategies from the pnc side and then apply it to health insurance as well this is starting to come out of population helped management and they're starting to get really are a wise don't were determined didn't and uh and and results so kevin on i've been good friends and colleagues we work together previously in the past and she had a successful worker's compensation grew captive management firm and it's i'm going through we're talking about all the evolution of his business evolution of workers compensation captive structures in the groupdynamic i'm talking about the explosion of wellness uh of self insurance and how is there's just as such as divide and health insurance world between the haves and havenots large employers that i've data consult i'm sure versus small employers that don't have data and earn underpin a reactionary mode when we started to look at ways that we could combine forces combined these these two different uh practices and and really phenomenon so we came together first in two thousand and seven uh to create an employee benefit group captive product and division for a fortune 400 insurance company um and then we uh we branched out informed parado in two thousand eleven uh and and wanted to do it as an independent firm being able to give greater flexibility greater services.

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