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It is wednesday august eighteenth. Twenty twenty one. My name is jack. O'brien aka eh ipod alone in closet rooms. I never thought i'd need a guest. You meet a guess lack you with auburn hair and tawny eyes but who cares because you brought me to a two liter. Do and a challenge man. Just a doll night. Abell happens day. Our courtesy of neil tyson and earn thrilled to be joined by co host. Mr miles okay. shot up to me. I listen to frank ocean Look like a tornado came to my room because it's so messy or whatever those there are and just always reading about vaccination rates. It'll everything is becoming about vaccines. Shout to my loneliness. Got that booster coming through on slater. I'm gonna fight for that madonna. This time i just oh you can. You can fuck around and pick pick and choose i. I hope so. I mean god. Wouldn't that be so american of us to be like own. No you can't make some. yeah get it. As i found out that the maderna's survives at zero degrees while of pfizer needs like negative sixty degrees so it needs to be on dry ice And so i don't. I was that My five year. Old thomas appointment today and the doctor was telling me all the shifts yes. He have lots of thoughts on the vaccine. Did you feel sick after you've got it. I don't know a few. I don't know if it's survived. You might you might need to go get that But i was like this is not really that if you didn't feel fucked up it may you may agata bunk dose. Yeah i don't know who. But he is a optometrist. So who knows where. The blue lives matter flag as his i e anyways miles should we do the lab xo. Let's yeah real quick before we get to us. We have a live show It is a week from yesterday. August fifth six pm pacific. This episode comes out a week on wednesday. Yeah is it. Is it on wednesday or thursday or tuesday. Tuesday it's on the twenty fifth which is wednesday shit would know roy man so miles is going to be hosting a show of the guys now. I'll be there going through. I be this wednesday. August twenty fifth six. Pm pacific nine pm eastern. We are bringing you the year. Two thousand a live streaming audio visual interactive we will interacting with you extravaganza. Pull people from the chat poll chat. Yes questions from wild. We ever planned anything. So we're kinda hoping that you guys bring something to the table. Yeah like a lot of facts about like the best movie then the dude that right but you can also count on us. Having special guest criss cross often the odd come through with his takes and again if you can't make it at six pm or nine eastern wherever you are in the world. Don't worry about it because it's going to be video-on-demand just make sure you got your ticket so go get your ticket at moment. House dot com slash. The dailies at guys boom moen dot com slash the daily zeitgeist and we will have the link to the tickets in the description of this episode. So yeah check out the footnotes Well miles we are thrilled and fortunate and blessed to be joined by very funny actor writer comedian and director who stars in the hilarious show campfire. Confessions which everyone should go check out. Please welcome the hilarious and talented shannon. Coffee talk podcasts. Among the guest cast. Yeah we know what song is in your gone to get hanson in there real quick. It's best best from tulsa. No not at all puerto rico. Say i'm like. I remember really liking hanson in puerto rico and being like. They won't come here. And that's many like can i have to go to them. Yeah i think one of own works production. Something a friend of mine works in commercials like i work with. The youngest. handsome brother wasn't even on in the band. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Fourteen of them. Okay they come from a really big family so i'm sure awkward. You think for them when they blew up like to have a big family and then like three of 'em or doing i mean as i say this like an only child to have no concept of siblings at all. 'cause i'm like man. There was one other motherfucker getting the attention to the parents. I would flip out less awkward for the hanson's because the it was like the three older siblings and then the rest of them were a lot younger music. I think it's not as awkward as it is for. The jonas brothers were four of them at three of them are in the van. There's just that one guy's like yeah. Jonas upstanding guy he's doing great though. Yeah okay z. Less awkward because they're older brother. Is chris hansen from to catch a predator right. Dateline invalid passion. Things are like without a doubt.

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