Donald Trump, Colmey, New York Times discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Well mr colmey wanna make sure you don't lie there may be tapes of this now he is what you know look i've known donald trump for too long we didn't we all predicted that he was plying colmey and he was ju if he was sowing seeds of doubt in comas mind why because now we've discovered rightly so so that they're probably was a pretty good chance that colmey really didn't like donald trump and maybe call me wouldn't have been so inclined to be so honest about even going as far as to say trump encourage them to go forward with the investigation by saying oh i want to know the american people have a right to know if it's i know it's not me but if there were satellites a row me that were colluding with the russians on the issue of the campaign than okay the american people have a right to know which by the way wouldn't even in and it's in and of itself pierre crime look what is collusion me that somebody is a private conversation in the course of the conversation somebody says oh i have tapes of hillary clinton oh you don't want that tapes of hillary to be released oh i have hillary's emails that she said don't exist anymore oh that'd be great hope you release them because then the american people can see the truth whenever get to that fundamental part and i would argue that in komi his mind you when he was saying and testifying i while why heard there might be tapes i want to here the taves i think that may colmey work a little bit harder on the memory of his and recollection of his and probably kept him a lot more honest than he otherwise would have been and that means that probably he had to reveal maybe he did want to that he leaked to the new york times and by leaking to the new york times he wanted a special counsel and not knows.

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