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I got in my car prizes and gifts good on us price but we brought a lot of fun to golf and you know we always try to make golf fun for the people signed autograph in and did all that but but i still love that's why i'm here at traveler's travelers was good one to every time we talk golf with you lose your short game you see my short game i mean that's using the part of the game that kills every i know but hanging out with trevino it has as it has helped me with this game and then you know last you're like last friday you realize that you know he's seventy eight now you know and yep he's getting a little bit up there and i saw him brian right here i said you know i'm gonna make an effort to to be around a more because you know a guy like that is very specially lives in dallas i live in la but to make an effort to be more around him and he still he still is an incredible player how many people just because of golf have you come in contact with that you would have never come in contact with because of golf from different parts of the world different beliefs different backgrounds just because of this i think so many of them you know i think i have a tournament in may for the kidney foundation my foundation we send kids to camp and i've had like you know joe patchy and andy garcia and montana and and justin timberlake all those guys play and even in meeting and playing with jack trevino or brock obama or i play the trumpet two thousand seven so you just you can't imagine what for me him hitting lemons in my grandma's backyard would have would have taken me to tell that story up i was when i was a little kid we had a seven iron in the back i would watch tv i'd watch british because i always got up early the british up it was amazing and i would go in the backyard and pull off limes and chip limes over my over my fence and that's how you got started playing go everybody's got dunhill cup play the dunhill cup and that was all right i don't think i'm bill for europe beers too i mean either theory beer who he got he was like playing the hill and i'm like i'm thinking you're gonna have to get a scottish caddy yeah i'm not built for that kind of weather look it's a different type over there but you know it's a i think the one thing that i've been on on planes and guys say how you play in how you hitting like everybody knows i play and it's a great icebreaker and the way things are tension was it's it's i haven't found that with the guys that you commiserate or talking about golf anybody haven't played with it you wanna play with man i i don't think so really everybody that's amazing who's your favorite pro that you ever got to play with not trevino let's see i played with mike and mike we're after he won the master's play with vj bj with always cool to make we had a good time pj was hilarious a play patrick harrington played with got to play with you know to gloves those students tommy tommy gainey love that at that time you capture the world of golf you know bubba see him bubba the babo but i just think that i played with a lot of guys and like tomorrow ken duke play with ken do go and traveler and school but but more than the pro the people at this tournament mikey and i would run up the hill and go into people's homes man start having bullied literally get on the stand on the fourteenth hole walking up the hill of fourteen is par for you hit your shot up to the top of the hill that you hit your second shot down to the bottom for the people who don't know tpc river highlands there are like condos on the right hand side and there were people on the second floor of this condo kind of having a party barbecue and as we're coming up the hill we hear hey george come have drinks with us you drag we got some drake's for you.

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