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Fisher. Like, do you folks excuse me. In thirteen seconds, like our fishermen, Fisher folks. Like all of our fishermen, Fisher folks do. So stupid. So I mean, he just proved how stupid that effort is can't run. They sure full. No, I'm sorry. I've never saying Fisher folks. No, no. I'm not saying that these mail carrier. No, I don't say male, man. I don't even. I don't even say flight attendant. I still say stewardess. Pig home, I won't say actor actress if you're a chick, all all Djik. Yeah, I see you use that archaic lingo is well. Sure. Do what they're firemen, still, say, firemen, firefighter, say, fire person. Police officers. Yes. Or law enforcement officials do a lot of practice Mr. lead foot. So. Yeah, pulled me over have been female variety at least appeared to be. I don't know what the identified as I have no idea. I didn't ask sided, not. Excuse me officer. How do you identify? Maybe I should ask that, you know, sir, ma'am, early, we learned their day. They and them and there because we gotta change that from plural to singular now so that it fits because you can't call them him and hurt him. You know what I wanna do right now. I want to go to the Poteen strove let's just mean just eat ourselves into a coma and then forget everything that's going on. It's not as though dang it, but it south of San Antonio, say to go down there for that next year. Yeah. Absolutely petite stronger and do a live remote from their, why? Not? Sure. I'm gonna say it has no respect left in the schools in Texas, right? We give us some pub. All right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed on Twitter, you can use all that again tomorrow and actually Thursday. Why have a funeral to go tomorrow? Very good friend passed. We've talked about before yet, really severe. Stage four cancer or a couple years, and you passed away last weekend, so we'll hold the four down so yet. So I'll see you on Thursday back here. I think Jason Butler will be filling tomorrow. Indeed. Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network..

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