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Little three this email asking for more money in it he has a picture of former congress pat murphy saying that he got voted out of office for he voted out of office because he voted for obamacare and that patrick murphy would do it all over again be voted out of office for voting for obamacare all over again he be willing to do that and he is sacrificed so much well congressman candidy how about doing a google search how 'bout knowing a little bit about patrick murphy before you include him in there i actually worked on the campaign defeated patrick murphy book by okay and we elected are reelected actually congressman mike fitzpatrick and why did he beat fits fitzpatrick wind than he beat fitzpatrick patrick came back and took a seat back let me make this clear about what why congressman patrick murphy law lost one is may be oak obamacare but the real reason why he lost is oh yeah he got caught trying to steal the election priceless yes congressman murphy what did he do he took yet get this right so he took a male people and said if you in an posted places e mail your your early ballots your absentee ballots to eight eight to a p o box that the congress shrink control old that's right he said hey don't turning your balance at the proper place send them to me and i will turn them in really he got he got busted for that and that's why congressman murphy went by but by that's right i mean it was a sleazy sleazy thing and campaigning in in in pennsylvania i will tell you is like the wild wild west there were a few rules but when it comes to federal elections there still are some rules and congressman murphy probably should be in jail not sending out not being quoted in emails for congressman your for for congressman kennedy so i just wanted to mention that that there's the martyr who lost his seat for voting although bom of for obamacare but not really the situation and so is one of the people that know something about that campaign why murphy laws i would just say.

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