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The news with rhode island's anchorman gene valicenti how did peter to replace the bridge over the river kwai that again on on time he had a done ahead of time gene tell you if he was the engineer he might have got that bridge done on time and maybe it's still standing the dot up something the crow about they successively replaced the taft the tough till bridge on ninety five north down by exit four they worked on weekend long that got the job done early the ote director peter alviti he's going to hold a news conference at eight o'clock the first he's on with me commodity peter martin eating how are you i'm good is this job completely done any thumped sunny bump cdf finished wrote to do what is it today rao art critic bertrix re re re at work armor art art art up at your ride in or be bureaucratic group uh wrecker wrote braggart on our air or your arnold reprint on on it r e burt your golkar are your were open rigor earn our re re not appropriate at route earlier or earn our right you bring this thing is it's kinda pre assembled in you bring it in like a lego and you snap it in place i know it's more complicated that that's the idea right now earn it'd be europe parker all right or wrong weren't art or it back are now okay now our our our our our remembered for our recorder roadwork uh at work water work our war required you're now holter culprit or art merit ricardo order urged dinner or art retirement or on your awkward bitter our group rocker ronald her ordered weird gruber gruber recruiter earn her hour hurt hurt hurt order heart you're now did you get complaint about the detour some while i was watching the news over the weekend i mean there was some backups but i didn't hear anything out of the ordinary you're you're fake we re berries great gop working what are your car corrected iraq iran group gerbert hakkarat at rocard roure were underway uh we really over at baruch recruiter because they were gert grapefruit earlier reindeer grow there were earlier medical report up reward now this is northbound is there a bridge southbound that has to be replaced at some point workout bar we argue report already worry brit carpet could rock was wiped me there.

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