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Fear should be respected seven. Tommy how many more Gra sacrifice during this experiment? Twenty-nine vessels six hundred thousand drones. But that is irrelevant to me at my crew and after the people who live in this question. I'm going to neutralize this threat. Seven with without your while. Twenty nine vessels and six hundred thousand drones that is a lot in the pursuit of this Omega Particle or VP. They got the board. Got Really close to stabilizing. But they didn't have enough bore night and borough night more like Bora Fil. Sorry and so. They didn't have borne. I got always remember. Keep your status unborn night but this leads directly into this fan theory that I've found on read it and I was like man. This could really explain all of the Borg's kind of shifting tides because they they really are all over the map sometimes a really not a consistent basis like if they were dead set on conquering they would have conquered most of the galaxy. You know they would have just onset completely one by one easily taken over because no one really can stand with them. However we don't see that and there are a few theories why so one of the things the reasons why they don't just straight up conquer is that there's this theory called the kind of quote unquote farming theory and this theory. Is that the borger farming the galaxy in order to stimulate technological advances. And now I mean that is what is presented in the very first episode is that. Oh they simulate technology and that's one of the things they have to do however I mean to me makes the board either super lazy or incompetent. I think that's why they got rid of that. Theory in the T and G and Voyager series of. They're like oh. We don't want just technology when people those very quick change so the farming theories like me because I mean the board don't need to form cultures for technology because they're very much capable of doing their own research are very much capable producing doing. I mean amazing research. I mean look what Seven of nine said about though mega particle. I mean that's boom right there. I mean six hundred thousand drones and twenty nine ships. They have the they have the capability of doing their own scientific research. So saying where it's GONNA take technology for the sake of technology I think is a lazy theory and if the Board are doing this farming theory I think they're terrible at it because there's a lot less societies out there that are technologically advanced as the board. So they're pretty much getting outdated technology and I mean there's even so much they won't like I mentioned last week they won't even touch the Kaysone because of not as advanced as they want them to be so. I think it's kind of like okay like we're again. I think it's the writers and producers getting more acquainted with the villain and having them shift from technology to people and I suggest an alternative different kind of idea is that the bork have advanced like as fast as they possibly could. Something has been slowing them down from all of this. Congress and the time delay has rendered almost assimilating. The entire federation irrelevant. And we know that something likely is slowing them down because what seven nine told us and it circles. Maxing the mega particle in the AMIGA molecule. The Mega particle has significant potential cost to that development. I mean if you fail to stabilize it it will explode but not only explode. It will damage all of sub space in a way that make trans warp impossible. So the entire Borg Omega like Particle Experiments. Were done around twenty one. Forty five as seven describes. But maybe that's why there's still a federation so consider of the experiment happened. Within within a few light years the board home systems. Okay now depending on the power of that Omega experiment he could have almost created a quote UNQUOTE MOAT. That would have a war. Bliss sub space around them and if that surrounding the board power base the unit complex that would complicate expansion considerably. Now I mean of course the board could just slow their way through it and it would significantly complicate and delay their expansion. The damage to that sub space may be bottle-necking the space between Alpha quadrant and the board. So I mean I know Jane. We didn't find anything in the Delta quadrant like that but she also fast forward like a bunch of workspace thanks to kiss in the voyager episode the Gift So of course the voyager cruden exactly finish the entire journey from the delta to the Alpha quadrant so there could be this mode of non-sub space out there that has delayed the board entirely and kind of explains the entire board idea in first contact. You know like okay. Well we can't take out the federation and the Federation now has time to really go after US and develop and evolve weaponry to US would have we just go back in time and take about and that makes perfect sense and I would actually believe with that. So I think with this single bottle necking of the Borg and this continuing research. The mega particle is I mean. Even seven said it was the most important priority priority number one now that we know that the board most important is that Omega Particle then comes with. They ran out of bore night. Maybe they need more born night. And maybe that's why they don't really regard in kind of steamroll. The Federation is that they just they just want to bore night. They're just simply going after the boar night note is an interesting theory because I mean it deals with. Why haven't the board really taking over the galaxy is that there's this bottle necking because of the Omega sub space explosions and also because of their just simply about boar night. I mean I think it's really a simplistic theory. Kind of subscribe to half of that theory unhappy about the bottle necking and destroying sub space in slowing down the board expansion. I think that's definitely it However I don't think they're solely about the born like we're going to go after only the Bourne I we only care about the board night and I'm like That doesn't really fit. And you have to wave off a ton of bork history and Borgwarner action. So I like the theory. That the mega particle experiments really slowed down the Borg and really almost saved the federation. So that's a cool concept and I think it's definitely should be explored maybe in future episodes of Picard or discovery or section thirty one or pike or whatever they whatever they end up doing is that there's a lotta great potential for history and plot the ties directly to the other series of the show. However I think that maybe you don't want to develop too much of the Borg Kazan. It's kind of like it's just about the federation as it is about the board so those are my two cents thousand cool theory and this has been the second episode in the Board series. Thank.

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