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Jim even catch what i just said no i did most during at her what nothing dior job history funny that is very funny i didn't hear what you said that's what's not wanna hear what did you send you should listen talbieh solution share got me on the new rules bills artfully bickers uh christine with the news well that's the news and thanks for stopping by her lawyer while i told you about the story it's been a busy frenetic day so i haven't spent a lot of time on it but vince young came out in sports illustrated and there's some bitterness and resentment toward his nfl career and there was a lot of fingerpointing in a lot of blaming jeff fischer and the organizations and might take away is that when you see quarterbacks and there's different levels of bus there's the guys that come into the league in don't work immediately some guys over time devolve but it's generally not about athletic deficiencies it's about maturity and emotional deficiencies and i always thought with vince young he was big strong could move had good feet but i i i questioned his lack of selfawareness and i thought today was a perfect day to bring on somebody who is experienced this and the criticism surrounding struggling as a high profile college quarterback who moved to the nfl he's our friend ryan leaf and let's have him on the show right now than nineteen ninety eight nfl draft number two pick peyton manning y fall okay let's just start how are you offer comment by the what was your commenting you've got it it was about it was about the ad it could have been i think she was talking more like a by agra zelano mystic car yala something like that it was good call on should have been paying attention remained happen when you're on the entire childhood if you only paid attention to okay killer so let's start with my belief that quarterbacks who fail it's not the arm of the legs no it's the emotion do you believe that totally agree i think that.

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