Self quarantine could face fines anywhere from


Up to $7000 Total. How will the city again enforce this or notify the violators? The city's health commissioner says the city isn't going to track every single traveler who arrives in Illinois or in Chicago. Rather, it is relying on people to essentially do the right thing. The message is to discourage Non essential travel man's WG ends Judy Wang, another cop, Neon neck incident, It's part to protest near a police station and upstate New York. Here's NBC's Chuck See Britain this time. Schenectady, New York The Police Department's Office of Professional Standards, is reviewing what allegedly happened Monday morning. A cell phone video recorded by the man's father appears to show a Schenectady cop putting his knee on a man's neck in a case that began over allegations of slashed tires. The man in the video Tells The Daily Gazette that he couldn't breathe, couldn't move and later passed out and woke up at Ellis Hospital. Now.

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