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Mail and I never got him so I wasn't able to complete my like process and the other side of the coin was like graphic design so I decided to go back to school to Pratt and studied graphic design their and their Greg Com D. Department is based in Manhattan. So that's kind of like a crazy crazy way and ended up graphic design. You know it's interesting this like A. Maybe it's because I've had so many people on the show that has sort of followed a similar path. But there's like this pipeline between Howard and Hampton to Pratt University Institute. I should say sorry Pratt Institute. There's like this pipeline where people will start out at one of those two schools for Undergrad for design and then ended up going to pret-. Did you find that there were a lot of Howard folks when you were there? There are a couple of hours folks and there were some Hampton folks to one of my best buddies are Howard was sorry one of us. What he's proud was was Hampton grand. I think we need to stop the Hampton pipeline. I'M GONNA be more people from Hampton Brat that's Hampton joke for folks that don't know and just to be clear on Air Howard. University is a real issue. I don't care anybody tell your Howard University is the real issue is got to be clear about that. I mean I went to Morehouse so I don't know if I really have anything to say in this whole conversation but I'll let you hear that one. Okay you've witnessed the turf wars so how was different from Howard aside from it being graduates? Undergrad how was it different? Man I mean it's I don't even know other explained it? They were so completely different experiences. I mean I you know Howard I lived in the dorms and Howard was very very different at pride I i. I live in an apartment. I worked a lot while I was in school so I didn't really worked full time when I was in. Undergrad but I worked almost full time when I was in my master's program so it was a very very very different experience like working and I lived in Brooklyn when I was up. Pratt and I would commute to Manhattan to go to class so it was a very very different very different experience. As far as the classroom. Makeup was of course very different. Obviously but there are a lot of international students proud to which was really cool with thanks to have different perspectives. We had a lot.

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