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Pulls up out of a spin. Move and fires hits three. How do you do that? I don't know, Joe. He could you do that? Well, he was just trouble. I spend around two times, two defenders run, and he just said Okay, I'm just gonna raise up and shoot the three right both of their faces. They're on the way. It's good. That's Mahoney answering Tandy. Both teams heating up now, 28 to 19 Xavier with Aly Tandy brings it across the timeline lowers a dribble bounces it in towards the high post Got by Fremantle. Across the top of the key. Now with the dribble back out side, the Cobi Jones Carter with it looking for Freeman underneath the Skip, Pass back outside threes on away from Tandy off the iron, No good. That was deep. We've got a rebound taken by the Musketeers, but a whistle. And over the back, I believe will be called on Carter or it's gonna be on Freeman maybe pushed off a little bit, so that'll mollify the rebound. Freeman will check out of the ballgame. They'll be second of second foul on Freeman or Who only has two points so he'll have to go to the bench. Paul Scruggs checks back in for the Muskie's a 43 to go Xavier leading 28 to 19 top of the key Jones with the ball accelerates down the lane jump stop in a lay up. Yeah, he is fouled on the play by CJ will try. Yes, CJ's gotta get. He's got to sit down in the stands on Lee, a freshman CJ plays about four minutes a game. Travis still is trying to give him a little playing time. But that time Joe he was just not not down and never was able to get his body in front of the ball. Jones averages five points in the ball game for Creighton for averages. 70 already has five that makes it six is a complete the three point play and says six point lead for the Musketeers. 28 22. Get it across the timeline for the musketeers is Paul struck, picked up the dribble. Hands it off to Carter, working behind a screen takes it to the left side of the Florida Cobi Jones. Back out the Griffin all struggle with the top of the key between the legs dribble left side of the floor. Is it up the Nate Johnson? With your first green gets, it drives down the lane. We may have a movie screen. Carter is he arrived? They Johnson took off and really never let Carter settle in on the screen as easy call by the officials. Jason Carter. As you said, Joe. He he really never was set. That Z even more on Johnson. Joe Johnson's got to kind of back back away and give Jason time to get set so he could set the screen 28 20 Tuesday with a lead 805 to play top of the key. Jones blush. The three and Elaine spins kicks it back outside three is on the way. From Mahoney. No Dread rebound taken by Mahony fires up a 15 FT. Another rebound controlled by the Musketeers, Brian Griffin. I'll handle the pulse Brooks, who brings it across the timeline from his Xavier's bench on the right sideline. Left side of the Florida out of Cobi Jones waits for a screen from Griffin. He's double teamed, he backs away from a Jones does gives it up to Carter balls on the right side. Today. Johnson savior season getting pushed further and further away from the basket for me, Jones drives the lane hangs, draws the foul and misses the layup that will be at the line for two. It was. That's the way you relieve that pressure. Creighton still trying to pick it up and then push Xavier away from the basket and Xavier keep backing up. But You got it attacked pressure, and that's exactly what Cobi Jones just did. Time out's been called 28 for the Musketeers. 22 for the Great Blue Jay 7 33 to play in the first half. And you're listening to save your basketball from where you feel Angy College on 700. W W BOX COMBO, Please raising canes were all about quality weight makes cane sauce in our restaurants every day on our chicken, his hand battered look to order. Our Texas toast.

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