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I still kicking myself for highly distorted, not that I was going to pick the horse on top, but. This is the horse that could easily. You can make a case for He had a race. Couples starts back. That was sensational did not run so well on his comeback that through a lot of people off for you know, that's one reason why you need to dig deeper into the PP's than just the horses most recent start, but highly distorted. He popped the gay and he was gone. It was impressive performance. Bet Down I think he was fifteen on the line and got that all the way down to five, so he was lives and You Know Hernandez got out of the gate on this front runner and race over so. By highly distorted, and it came a day after Mike Pisces steal. The diamonds was disappointed in the stakes race, the daisy cutter but Pipe Cambridge back in one is turf sprint phone a day with that good maiden. Highly distorted. Well and you mentioned the daisy cutter Joe Joe Air in there, for Andrew Farm and Wesley Ward. Drayton Van Dyke. Actually. The FLAVIAN Pratt aboard On Joe Joe Air and you got seventy two. You mentioned. Steal the diamonds who I originally win win. which he first showed up I, would call her stealthy diamonds. And there was also the forced fleet treat earlier on the card big sweep mark Latte for Rancho to Moscow and Red Barn a Korean bread, of course, because it's Mr Big and This philly! Kind of handled that trio in the fleet trait. Yeah big sweep ran well in the fleet traits. You WanNa, race and both. Trademark Glatt an Jackie Flooding Pratt afterward. They said she's winning races even though she's running on the surface that she really doesn't care for Pratt. Glad that this is not a dirt philly well. She's never started on grass, but she's compiling That was your second stakes went I believe and she did it, but glass looking forward to putting her on grass, and he might have an opportunity a little bit later on in the meat. with there's a cow bread grass stakes race. Up The up the road here at del Mar, the name completely escapes me, but to calibrate to learn. Grassroots and glass, considering at this point stretching her out putting her grass see if she can improve on her jerk form forms pretty doggone good, even though Pratt has said she doesn't really handle the surface all that great so unbelievable team, big sweep stretch out on graft against Cowbridge I think it's called the Salona beach later. Okay summer, but. We'll find out in the meantime glass. God has very nice Philly and by the way you know we I know we haven't talked about the read yet, but Glatt Trained Sharp Samurai. Super finishing second yesterday in the Eddie read, the trip was wrong for him. He was supposed to be for the placed instead he was laughed and he finished well against the grain of the ray shape, and he ran well to finish second in the Eddie. Read and I wonder. I wonder if Glatt might take a crazy shot if if united is going to be one of the favorites in the Pacific classic deservedly, so you can get the density trains well on dirt, but if united is going to be one of the favorites, then wouldn't you have to at least consider sharp? Samurai as a potential bomb in the Pacific classic. He is another grass source that has trained super on the main track. The question for Short Samurai, can he stay in mild one quarter, but his runner up finish yesterday and Eddie read. I thought was very very very very good. Kinda lost into Hoopla of United announced going to the classics. Well and there's that man again one. Well, yeah and you could probably say that was great. Ground saving ride and all that stuff I sense there might have been a little frustration from the Glatt camp. After the race, because Sharp Samurai the plan was not to take back and rally from last. The plan was to be forwardly placed. Pressing a modest modest pace, and then taking your best shot in the lane, but instead he had rallied from far back, and they don't think that was the plan so. In this case there probably is room to maybe second guess. Hernandez Strategy It turns out that the horse ran well. So that's all you can really hope for at this stage should Iran well. He finished second the race unfold differently than they expected, and he ran well under compromising conditions. Swell and speaking of horses. You can't question with the had J. on Friday. We were talking about the some spots and I. Couldn't. Leave the Sunday action off without mentioning. Sparky, Ville was back. WHO's one of my favorite horses in training and That was that was the best four to one you're you're ever going to get. He is he is the coolest. Well, it was the best four to one if you bet on him and Kootenai head. I did not you talk? You want to see a good ride? What go back and and watched it already, but I mean Mike Smith put up a Breeders Cup Caliber Ri-. He sat back. He saved every inch of ground. He waited got through. He angles out anyone in very clever fashion, a terrific ride by a hall of fame jockey and a tough turf. I can't get onto the same page with Sparky, though when I think he's going to run well doesn't when I think he might be four pops up with. Just the other day, so he's a good horse. There's no doubt about it. I would like to get into sink some. There's some horses where you just. In sync with the other horses were you can kind of sense there highs and lows, and you know when they're coming up with good race. You know when they might be tailing off and then there's sources like in my case Sparky Bill. Get on the same page so the next time he runs on my future attacks and find out what whether you like them or not? I just. been. I don't even know why. I latched onto him. when I did, but you know he's versatile and. Turf Sprint thing or the main track, and of course he won the vicinity. If you go back to the early last winter, he, he's just He's very likable. He's a candy Reid and J been. Clued me in and Jay Humpty frequently, listen to this show. clued me in that the dam of sparky Ville was named. For Laura Lie. Husky. or or Krona D., as it were and law rely K., and I thought that was very cool that That's very cool and obviously dismissed has turned out to be one heck of producer. I actually did I. I should clarify something 'cause when he won the San Francisco last year. I did like him that day. Last time I was right about spark, but you know as with his pedigree. He's supposed to run on anything and he does, and he's just. He's just a good good racehorse. Nice four to one in a small field, the other day I was on a different horse. Well I I want to mention one other before we talk about today and what's coming up this week at del Mar Brad free with US everybody I do WanNa. Mention the seventh race winner, and there for a couple of different reasons, the longest shot on the board sweet river veins comes running under Pereira and Tim McKenna and whenever Tim wins, and then he's one himself. Five couple of thousand races Washington Hall of Famer and. His family as well as the Holland door, fers Janet and Jerry. Have the. the farm. They ranch Up in Washington and they work with. Traumatized. PTSD the veterans, and so whenever McKenna wins I I. Always you know want to point out what good work they do and one other reason that that sweet. River Baynes had caught. My eye was bowl lane one of our favorite horsemen. Bread Sweet River Baynes fifty six to one Brad. Well fifty six to one hundred and fourteen dollars and forty cents, and the biggest bomb under under Sunday program, and it made at least one better, ultimately, very happy, a little later on in any afternoon when when that better hit the pick six, but. Kim Mechanics is no stranger to del Mar Do you remember.

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