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Can you be trusted to manage the state budget? Given that he invoked me in his rebuttal. If I may respond. I very proudly take care of my parents, my niece, and my grandmother. I know that you can defer your taxes, but you cannot defer cancer treatment payments for your father, I owed taxes to the federal government. And I pay those taxes I'm on a payment plan. I am current. And I have never walked away from responsibilities more than that. Every time. I found out that there is a challenge. I've quickly responded. I've never had to be sued to do my job. And so I would say that my responsive, and this is proof that I am not only a strong leader. But I have the right priorities. Georgia values that say put family first and take care of all of your locations. I've never shirked my responsibilities at never will Mr. Abrahams. Thank you so much. It is your turn to ask a question. If you don't mind state people name me in the regional question that I'd never got to rub robot too because he also nine MRs Abrahams. So she she had a chance to respond directly to him. We'll give you twenty seconds, Mr. K. I don't think that's correct for you to do that you you you need moving. Stacey Abrams has the floor right now. We are giving you twenty seconds to respond. Okay. Well, both all of these things they said or not true. I would encourage Jordan's to look at the record. We have more voters on the role the one I took office created the process for overseas. Military ballots to be delivered electronically. We have made it easier to vote in hard to cheat in just because miss Abrams thousand a floss thoughts lawsuit or the new Georgia project. It doesn't mean it's right. And we defeated that in two thousand fourteen time now, and you will have time to respond to your closing arguments as well as Abrams you have the floor. You are to ask Mr. camp. A question certainly Mr. camp, you have placed fighting, drug trafficking gangs and rural communities one of your top priorities. We know now that more than three thousand local law enforcement are on food stamps due to low pay in their communities when asked about taking action as governor you refuse to take responsibility. Saying that it is. Not a state issue that it should be left to the counties and local government. My question is this. Why is it not the governor's responsibility to ensure that law enforcement officers protecting our state are paid a living wage? Well, thank you for that question. I'm glad to respond to it. The state government has responded under governors deal leader governor deals leadership and I'm proud to have his support in this campaign. He is increased state patrol play pay other state law enforcement, folks, including individuals in the secretary of state's office, and that is the duty of the state not of the county government. Unlike my opponent who has the using the same pot of money to pay everybody, everything your taxes will go up thirteen thousand dollars per person to pay for that that is era spots as governor. I wouldn't take part in that in that is what I've got a plan to. Implemented spending cap, so we can continue to low tax have low taxes and have good paying jobs in our state that is what will increase pay at the county level and for local law enforcement Abrahams. Would you like to respond once again, my Ponant, Mr. Kemp is being misleading and using cherry picked information, local law enforcement doesn't deed held responsibility. It's our county sheriff's that are pulling over these folks in rural counties. It's our local police officers who are on food stamps because they don't have access to what they need. And no one in the state is more outraged by drug trafficking than I am my younger brother fights daily, an addiction that is fed by these traffickers, but I will never ask law enforcement to do something without standing with them and making sure they can put food on their tables while we ask them to protect our families. Thank you, Mr. Abrahams. We now go back to Mr. Kemp to ask Stacey Abrams question. Well, as you know in a recent video you called on illegals. To vote for you in this election. I was actually shocked. I had watched that video twice. It clearly shows that you were asking for undocumented and documented folks to be part of your winning strategy. So my question is why are you encouraging people to break the law for you in this election. Mr. camp, you are very aware that I know the laws of Georgia when it comes to voting. In fact, I am one of the foremost expert in the state on expansion of voting rights, and I have never in my life asked for anyone who is legally eligible to vote to be able to cast a ballot. Would I've asked for is that you allow those who are legally eligible to vote to allow them to cast their ballots. And in fact, we took you to court in two thousand sixteen and a federal judge said that you legally cancelled thirty four thousand registrations you use the exact same system the exact match system that is under dispute right now. Now, I realize that in the next response you're going to say that it's a function of my organization because you're tendency is to blame everyone else for the mistakes that. You make my responsibility as a leader is to see a problem and try to solve it. When I saw that we had eight hundred thousand unregistered people color in the state of Georgia. I started an organization that has reached into every county and increase those registrations. When I saw the people being unlawfully denied the right to vote I worked to make certain that we held you accountable. And as the next governor of Georgia, I will continue to do my job to make certain that every legally eligible vote gets cast gets counted MS Abrams. Thank you, Mr. camp. Would you like to respond? Well, thankfully, the truth. Here is very simple, Jordan should simply Google the clip watch what she says, you'll know that she's talking about this election and talking about illegals voting for her in this election. They filed a lawsuit to do that which which she mentioned, but even the ice enforcement director under the Obama administration said that she should drop out of this race because of encouraging illegals to vote in this election. That is outrageous. She knows that that is criminal. If you watch the videos yourself, you will see it firsthand mister met would you like to weigh in here out of all fairness, well out of all fairness, I would like to say that. No Stacey Abrams takes money from donors for the third sector development on the new Georgia project to do a function that essentially anyone else could even the people themselves could go online to register to vote. They could get a ride to go and register to vote, but the thing is, you know, she also uses that influence with other. Five oh, one C three organizations to actually do phone banking, voter drives, really. Specifically for her campaign, and that's a violation of five. Oh, one C three charters excuse me. I have to injure thought there, MS Abrahams. Would you like to respond the Georgia governor's race? Unfortunately, my mister Mets is very confused about what is at stake. My campaign the aprons for Georgia campaign operates as a separate organization. I'm no longer responsible for or involved in the new Georgia project. I have never failed to meet my responsibilities as a tax attorney with a specialty in tax exempt organization law. I very carefully followed the law and ensure that we never cross any lines. And we only work for the public good. I'm running for governor. Because I recognize that that public good has that happened with public and private partnerships. And I've worked hard to make certain that the nonprofit sector the public sector and the private sector worked Georgia's, and we're all out of time. Would you like to end the RAB with rebuttal, Mr. Kemp? Well, I mean, I think I've already rebutted the question I asked her. I don't believe moving onto Ted Mets. Then please ask your question of Brian Kim. Okay. Mr. camp, an independent watchdog group has documented over ten serious ethical concerns against Representative Abrahams, and they filed ethics complaints. These include issues such as using campaign resources to sell her books for personal profit reimbursing yourself eighty four thousand dollars in campaign funds without disclosing where the money went an accurate financial disclosures. Someone that of of that ethical qualification really be elected as governor. Well, I certainly share your concerns on the things that you mentioned appreciate that question. I would say what's more concerning is miss Abrams being a tax attorney is her not paying her taxes while she took the opportunity to lung her campaign fifty thousand dollars instead of doing that. I don't think I could get away with that. I don't think mister Mets can get away with that. And the people of Georgia couldn't get away with that. And when you're putting. Politics overpaying the government the taxes. You think? I think that does make you unfit to be governor. And that's why even in tough times, violent recession. Invest in a in a tough business deal where the company has someone some money, my wife, and I have always paid our taxes. That's what we do is Jordan's us the county gov-, I'll be staying with integrity, and the people of the state to honor the good money that they're sending us to spend it wisely. Budget conservatively the cut taxes in the future? Not raise them like miss Abrams. Let's give MS Abrahams a chance to respond once again are being very misleading in two thousand five Hurricane Katrina, hit my family, my parents lost their church, and they lost most of their income. I stepped up and became their primary source of income. And for the last fifteen years, I have taken responsibility for my parents in two thousand fifteen in.

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