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Not as much steam on the reds at home today. That's because freddie peralta on the mound for the brewers leads me to believe the brewers probably the right side in that game will see what happens in that one. The turtles come down a full run in the braves. Phillies matinee game between ian anderson. And zack wheeler and as i said totals moves of that magnitude have been cashing at a pretty high rate here for this season national saying some money. That's max scherzer against the giants anthony. Desclafani shirts are getting that ace treatment now getting beat up pretty much. Every time he's on the mound and based on what he's done so far pretty hard to argue with that. And then lastly the tigers even though it's tyler alexander in a full-fledged bullpen day for detroit they are taking money today again against the seattle mariners and justice sheffield sheffield with some of those pretty big home road splits as far as pick for tonight took the astros over the red sox. The only thing. I like on tonight's card. Fading ardo rodriguez and the ugly command profile. Boston is twenty third weighted base average over the last two weeks as they've faced better pitching the boston. Offense has really faltered quite a bit. So we'll take the astros here today and bet zach rankings command profile against a pretty bad command profile to this point for edward rodriguez any houston offense. That has pummeled lefties. So far this season preview three serious for the weekend. Not a whole lot of great series coming up this weekend. I don't think but we start with the cardinals in the cubs. Johan oviedo kyle hendricks on friday. John gant to be determined on saturday carlos martinez and zach davies on sunday. Not a lot of great. Starting pitching in this series. That will be sunday night baseball with martinez and davies the cubs. Go on the road and play the mets the cardinals will host the marlins not really a whole lot from a situational standpoint. But one thing. I will stay here is that the cardinals are kind of in a tough way. I mean offensively. They're doing okay. But jack flared is on the i l. The bullpen has not been particularly strong. Starting rotation is not very good without flare eight miles nicholas also out now as well on the cubs are playing pretty well here against some pretty good teams are the cubs may have a little bit more sustainability to them than i thought maybe that bullpen is actually a little bit better. The offense has certainly been a nice surprise being a little bit better this season. I don't know. I think it will see comes money in all three games of this serious here hendrickson. The market's coming on on friday. We'll see the john get fade on saturday. It almost doesn't matter who the cubs are. Starting in that game then carlos martinez looks really really bad to even with zach davies on the mound. I wouldn't be shocked. The season cubs money on sunday. So i do think the cubs take money in all three of these games. If you are interested in betting them they they'd play them quickly with hundreds on friday and we don't know who's pitching saturday at but we know that money will come in against john gant so you'll probably want to get out in front of that line. Move if you can help it. Blue jays in red sox here ross stripling garrett richards stephen matt's nick robbie ray martine perez and a wraparound series. Here that goes to monday with alec minoa. Nato vall di in that last game here on monday. As i mentioned the red sox nearing the bottom five in waiting on base average over the last two weeks as they've faced better teams and better pitching been shut down but i think early on in this series year stripling richards matt's panetta. Both of these have a chance at some runs in this series. Not really big fan of either one of those four pitchers a little bit on robbie ray. Who's getting the sunday start here for toronto. He's just throwing fastballs and guys hitting them. A lot of swings and misses in his starting in chicago had thirteen strikeouts shutting down one of the top lineups in baseball against lefties. Very very impressive. They're martine perez. You know kind of a tough guy to bet on or against but have come around on robbie ray. We'll see what he does in that sunday. Start but as i said. I think friday and saturday games where we could see some runs. Here at fenway park because the red sox hasn't really hit against the astros didn't really hit against the dodgers or anything like that but stripping and mats are are not on the same level. So maybe the boston offense gets healthy a little bit here for this weekend. Lastly mariners in indians. And the reason i talked about this series is because i'm interested to see what the betting markets do with these teams both of these teams with actual records better than where they should be based on bass runs third a win percentage and thackery and win loss. So i want to know how the market handles this because indians will be a big favourite on friday with aaron savelli on the mound in a really big favor on sunday. Which shane bieber. Will there be any seattle buyback to where look seattle's a better offense on the road at home. We all know that but there they are up in detroit. Getting bet against in all three games of that series. I think there's a good chance that we see indians money in all three games of this serious. Maybe not as much on saturday with you say kukuchi and kristen mckenzie but i think indians will get the benefit of the doubt here in this series. So what the wait and see. How big their lines are. But as i said both of these teams looking like negative rushing candidates. As we go forward here so i covered a lot of ground on the show as i always do scheming tripods at gmail.com to get the notes for the betters fox so email me get on the list for that and of course you'll hear another edition of the show coming up here on monday. They'll do.

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