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George Wallace All right mark for the 9th time Alex Ovechkin hits the 50 goal plateau just through other players to do so I will be making history last night in Vegas with two goals second one forcing overtime and calves end up losing to Vegas in overtime for three but Alex Ovechkin now oldest hit 50 also at 36 years old good night For the great 8 but the capitals do pick up a point but end up losing the game The nationals winning streak is over as well falling 11 two to the Diamondbacks last night Eric fetty got beat up a little bit and that's also committing errors in the field much to Davey Martinez dismay So try again this afternoon 4 o'clock start at Nats park Orioles beat the a's finally getting a road win one nothing last night in Oakland NBA Celtics now lead the nets two games to none As Kevin Durant oh for 12 in the second half as this series we'll go back to Brooklyn sixers up three O now to OMB with a buzzer beater to give the sixers a three point win over the raptors in overtime in the bulls get a big win in Milwaukee by four to tie that series at one towards Wallace to be TLB sports Here are the top stories we're following for you today on WTO President Biden is sending additional military aid to Ukraine He's also asking Congress for more economic assistance for the country We've intend to provide an additional $500 million in direct economic assistance to the Ukrainian government The new military aid is similar to the $800 million package the president announced last week It includes heavy artillery and drones for Ukrainian forces in the escalating battle for the Dunbar region of eastern Ukraine Russian president Putin has tried to claim victory in the strategic Ukrainian port of mariupol However Ukrainian forces are stubbornly holding on in a sprawling steel plant Putin has ordered his troops not to storm the plan instead he wants to block it Stay with WTO more on these stories coming up for you in minutes When she's not fighting fires she's competing in beauty pageants And now she's miss Virginia USA Kayleigh horvath has been competing for the title of miss Virginia for 6 years Now success Year after year I get so close all this hard work finally paid off She says having The Crown is Really exciting really shocking for me Horvath says her perseverance impressed the judges also her service to the community as a firefighter with the Ashburn volunteer fire and rescue department I always say that the reason why you win has nothing to necessarily do with how you look the truth is not how you look but it's more so your heart and how you present the information in your story She now goes on to represent Virginia in the miss USA pageant later this year Nick I know a WTO news Coming up in money news The Dow is up more than 200 points a local stock just hit a record high I'm Jeff label Ten 48 Ron stallworth in the WTO traffic.

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