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Veterans services in our new shanta who are who is pcs affordable spain unit princeton absences mrs i hope he to reduce the number of hung's animas las seventh typhoon one five one amnesty seen dot org upi cd hugh his hands welcome back america it's hugh hewitt in the aftermath of the collapse of the republican health care bill the list of people who will pay the price is at six right now i think i i just wanna keep reminding you of this uh dean heller who should lose in 2018 other in the primary the general my mike lee who will lose and five years in utah jerry miranda will lose and five years old kansas susan collins is retiring rand paul who lives on the planet paul and i dunno kentucky and then ron johnson says quitting they all bear the mark of this it's a lot worse than tarp and now comes a repeal plus two years vote uh on which shelley moore capito will vote now she's probably invulnerable like robert byrd he could have voted for blue cheese on the moon and he would have won and i think shalimar capitalism same position but of rob portman votes for this and aquis uh that men walk in and five years and anybody else who it may be lisa murkowski votes for she'll be deathknell ascot against that job done alaska so how bad is it let's go first of all to hear what mitch mcconnell had to say after the collapse yesterday led by michael of utah cut number ten well i think it will have to see what happens we will have demonstrated that republicans by themselves aw or not prepared at this particular point to do a replacement and that does remain of problems all go away and you'll have to look at our committee chairman.

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