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A pirate for life. Steve Blass, who played with the great Roberto Clemente, It's a very special day. Not only the pirates but across Major League baseball because Puerto Rican players have the option to wear number 21 throughout the league. And the Pirates, of course, will be working all of the bucks. I believe we're gonna wear 21. It really started here and Vera Clemente, his widow. Just past at the end of last year, and I remember being there. I mentioned this early this morning when Neil Walker was playing with the Bucks, whose father Tom knew and play ball. This is a great story of people if people don't know it, and was supposed to be on that flight, Theo fated flight where they were helping Earthquake victims from Nicaragua and Roberto told Tom Walker Neil's dead. No, he was going to get on the plane, he said. You stay. I'll see you at the party was New Year's Eve party. And the rest is history. And so Tom gets very emotional. Can you imagine this night? So I was there at PNC Tour a vertical many night. Neil Walker's there. Vehicle. Many and the boys were there. And Neil hits a home run over the Roberto Clemente Wall. Perfection. You just can't make that stuff up part of the magic of baseball. Curious to hear Steve glasses, recollections of Roberto. It's going to be great to hear him again. I got so used to having every Friday that you know, it's kinda left a hole every day's a holiday for Steve now good for him. Triple A trapping is powered by Bowser. Chevrolet. Experienced the power of Bowser Bowser, Chevrolet Cappie Burgers off this week. We got Adam dusky checking the rush later. We're going to start on. Start off on route.

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