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Delivery without devastating its bottom line shares surging now by eleven point six percent after ours to tend to world is a Bloomberg intelligence senior internet analyst and you'll be on the conference call or listen to conference call he says he'll be looking for any updates on Amazon web services I think if if there are concerns raised about a W. S. more more concerns raised about how spending was sort of progress through the rest of the beyond beyond one to any sort of color they don't give guidance by any any color about yeah we're comin to about how profitability may evolve during this transition to one day shipping in this transition to be more resilient to to competition I think those things will will will get more attention on the call and again he was our guest on Bloomberg business week the shares of Amazon up now by eleven point nine percent also after the bell visa said the incentives that hands out the banks and retailers will climb faster than revenue and are on track to be at the high end of its target arrange for twenty twenty at new sending shares a visa down two point three percent Amazon sales fell in the fourth quarter on store engine sales fell in the fourth quarter of some of its top drugs face competition from lower priced rivals Amgen shares down two point eight percent and to be clear Amazon searching after ours up by eleven point six percent an update for the down the S. and P. and nasdaq S. and P. up ten reversing losses up three tenths dollars one twenty four up four tenths nasdaq up three tenths tenure the yield there one point five nine percent gold down two tenths of one percent I'm Charlie college that's Wilbert business slash Charlie thank you so much breaking news right now on the Bloomberg this is a big one IBM naming a new CEO Ginni Rometty stepping down as chairman president CEO she will continue as the executive chairman but Arvind Krishna name to the C. E. O. there also splitting the CEO and president jobs Carole James Whitehurst I believe the former CFO of delta he's.

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