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No when does it start well it starts with about ten races to go and what what exactly are we doing in the meantime we're going through the motion the man why don't they just have ten races then well that's actually a good question i don't know love for them to do that that would be right up next we have got on this year program in mere minutes well actually i we have daniel hamrick but i was gonna say part insure studio is odd later out of the program daniel hamrick is going to chat with us next here on t f l w follows at twitter dot com slash the final lap final lap this is the final us today is daniel hammered the program thanks for having against good see you got new colors and new haller and the the hotel side it looks pretty cool yeah definitely cool to opposite for myself have the south point hotel casino colors on board are twenty one chevrolet this year and but definitely not new garage gone entire family everyone's outgoing it's been involved with motor sports any kind like member soap is cool to be able to carry that legacy on having to get time with how was it last week las vegas you know with the sponsor in town and everything yeah definitely a little bit of a different feeling i in top into the west coast and me being from north carolina never exactly feels like home but my gosh i thought about the gone family keep talking about it they made me feel so comfortable made me feel like family the whole town the guns fans fan base has been so big for so many years that a lot of those guys all jump on the bandwagon and made it feel like back home they're being in the vegas area how how involved is brendan staying very involved him brennan.

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