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Steve, what a pleasure, your first time on the podcast, thank you so much for joining me. As I look around the country, there's so much chaos on so many fronts going on with Biden. Did you expect this administration to be so far off the rails? Going into the midterms? Well, the Nash first grade to be with you. And I know we've met in person other settings, but it's great to be with you on this podcast. And yeah, if you think about it right now, I mean, we are a nation in crisis and it's on so many fronts. It's not like we've got an issue just in one area of the country. You know, we've got an inflation crisis. Gasoline, price crisis. We've got a border crisis. You know, you've got the government going after parents who get involved in their kids education, but then they're encouraging people to break federal law and go protest in front of Supreme Court Justices, houses to try to change the results of a court decision. I mean, this is how upside down things are. And you wonder why people are so livid and angry with President Biden's failures on all of these fronts. I mean, it's hurting families, low income families, especially paying more for everything, not just gasoline prices. But everything and it was so much better two years ago in terms of an economy ready to come back. People ready to come out of COVID with low gas prices, strong energy supply, a secure border, how much has changed in two years, I think, is shocked. A lot of Americans and not in a good way. Now, in some ways, this makes it really easy for the GOP because if Biden is bungling on all fronts and if his poll ratings are plummeting and he doesn't seem to know or care, the Republicans could sort of do nothing and probably do pretty well in the midterms. My question to you is, do you think the GOP needs a positive strategy of saying, listen, this is our agenda going forward. I mean, my mind is flashing back a little bit to 1994, gingrich and the contract with America. If you elect us, we will do these things. So far I don't think the Republicans have put forward that kind of agenda. Do they need to or is it is this the case because it's a midterm? Let's just make it a referendum on Biden. Yeah, and in fact, we are working on that and just starting with kind of where we are. You can see 32 Democrats have already said they're not running for reelection in the house. President Biden and Nancy Pelosi's popularity is in the tank, especially in swing districts around the country. We've got phenomenal candidates. I think we're going to have a great year, but there hasn't been an election yet. And there is no complacency. And by the way, I'm a big sports fan. I hate the prevent defense. So the idea that, you know, oh, we're going to win if we just sit back and do nothing. It's not who we are. It's not in our DNA. I'm a policy guy. I think now more than ever is the time to go run on a bold conservative agenda to show the country. They're already convinced that President Biden and Nancy Pelosi have wrecked the economy have destroyed so many of the fundamentals that make America great, but I think this is the best time to go show them what we're about. Why conservative policy so much better to fix these problems to get parents more involved in their kids education where they're shut out of schools. School choice, for example, dinesh, never a better time to talk about school choice and bold energy policy. But we've been meeting with Newt Gingrich and a lot of others, but our members have come together. And we're working on that kind of contract with American document. And it'll probably be called commitment to America. And we're looking at rolling out this summer. And if you think about the contract with American 94, it was rolled out closer to the election when people, you know, junkies like us are working on all of these issues all the time, but the public really starts focusing on elections by Labor Day. Once you get through primaries, we're still no states finished the primaries even. You know, it's very few states have. So let's go to this summer and you're going to see, and I think most Americans are going to be excited by this commitment to America when they see what conservative policy can do to secure the border to lower gas prices to address the supply chain crisis to secure our country and oh, by the way, you look at the crime in the streets where the left has gone for defunding the police and letting people out on no bail, confronting some of those challenges as well. And I think there's never been a better time to contrast failed liberalism with bold conservatism. One of the things I notice on social media is there's a lot of kind of score machine going on between people who see themselves as sort of the maga types versus the Republican establishment. Now, when I look at the actual issues, it doesn't seem like there's a radical difference of position. In other words, even people who call themselves American nationalists, it's kind of like if I were to say, you know, my family comes first, it doesn't mean I don't care about my neighbors, so I don't care about my community. There's no reason why one can combine America first with a kind of prudent internationalism, but here's my point..

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