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Wins accuweather 4day forecast here's carl been ski with this live report paul on this friday morning under cloudy skies it's still in the low fifty for the time being a shower activity has been showing up on to end tamil doppler radar the rain has been fairly light and it won't last for very long in any given spot much colder air all the move temperatures are for example in the catskills on your being obtained new york right now or in the mid thirties and they've had a few snow showers in the poconos it's in the upper thirty so that arctic air pressing southward an eastward should arrive in the city prior to daybreak even though it's 52 now we're expected they dropped down to thirty seven and later today is the heart of that cold air pours into the northeastern aisles temperatures are headed virtually where it will probably harbor in the upper thirty's virtually all day long and with a strong northwest wind gusting near thirty five miles per hour accu weather real feel temperatures this afternoon will be in the 20s at lievin feel like it's in the teens at times but if it's any consolation the sun will be out most of day now tonight with the wind diminishing very cold lows in the 20s will challenger probably even break the current record in the city for the eleven th of november the morning of the eleven which is saturday of course record 28 set of nineteen thirty we're projecting low twenty four generate will not be as harsh because there won't be as much wind but it will still be cold the near forty sunday's eyes in the upper 40s fifty two it's cloudy right now you eighty eighty percent the wind light and variable cloudy fifty two for headed down to thirty seven in midtown all evacuated meteorologist curb opinsky on new york's weather station tan tan lands wins news time twelve fifty four.

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