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The table and one other point i keep saying frazier frazier the mets have a lotta outfielders memo confirmed on this signed for you know years bruce got two more years i mean instead of frazier maybe we take a gary sanchez put him at first base not catch you about that what do i think about that look i don't get got sanchez i don't care where he plays you could catch you could play first base it doesn't matter to me i'll look at it that way i mean yeah we got all these outfield is yeah i mean but first of all but it's never plays where is he is in a witness protection program does he want to play baseball anymore we're we're the hell is jay bruce is terrible i understand you're gone for a couple more years but he's been brutal he's come on to me frazier plays immediately the only guy that to me right now is guaranteed a now feel spot which says is god knows what he's doing is nemo he's not that he's having a terrible year i think if you brought in a couple of young guys like andrew harding frazier frazier member the guy can't can't stay on a major league team with the yankees this guy's dying and be he should be in the majors and he's dying to being a majors i think those kind of guys come here and they give you an infusion that they give you a jump that this team where else are you going to get that if you're the mets they're going to come in here and they got something to prove frazier's got something to prove if he comes to the mets yankees unloaded me they wouldn't give me a chance now i'm getting a chance and i'm gonna stick it to him in the same town saint would not that he has gotten a chance the yankees he has but i mean this kid is terrific i i'm i'm being realistic the yankees aren't giving us torres they're not and they shouldn't they should be he should be off the table i'm being realistic here off the table he to mediate he's got two guys three guys if don't severino nato three guys that to me are absolutely on touchable severino judge and globe those three guys absolutely don't even talk to me they're untouchable ernie would you agree with that those three guys know throw sanchez in their sanchez absolutely untouchable you would but i don't think most yankee fans think that almost yankee fans i don't know if the yankees think the yankees think that to the yankee fan who likes to look for things complain sanchez you cash been one hundred percent puts ken sanchez in the same category as those other guys yes a forty knitting catcher hi so we'll say hindu so we'll sanchez in it'll all right i mean so those guys are if you want to throw sanchez in the i'm not so sure yankees wouldn't deal am i don't know but if you want throw sanchez in there that's fine if you if you trade him what who's catching role mind for the rest of the united stand no i get it i'm not i'm not going to have more of a discussion after the year by for a world series trae starting cats okay so so we've sanchez in those four guys are untouchable all right and they should be they should be but i mean to me got to have those guy gotta have frazier i gotta have and i've probably got to have justice sheffield i will maybe this guy gory al right i mean the other big outfield is outfielder right gory all right yeah what's his name florio florio not coryell florio right he's untouchable excuse me on outfielder he's not untouchable you know right i'm ed but i meant to say he's not using outfielder you want to mix you don't forget about you know what you can even keep the pitcher gimme gimme the three three everyday players because that's what the mets need that's what they need i got i gotta do that trade if i'm sorry if i don't want to trade but if i can get into frazier and flurry al you know what i think i gotta do i do eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six stewart in brooklyn high sto hey what's going on just a few things regarding what the mets you know i wonder if they'll they'll hit a hundred losses to.

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