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Even so even though. The hawks have been disappointing and people thought there would be good. I don't think they were pegged as a championship contender. Not even a playoff team. No for some people. That's what's confusing right about Vincent. Some of these final years. It's not liking. He's ring chasing. I mean he's not playing on excellent teams right. I want to say man and forty-three I've no I couldn't do it. I wouldn't attended so he must love him. I mean the four-decade thing is cool. He's the only one that's done it. The thought I always had was why not go back to the raptors for one last dance now as constituted there a championship contending team even with Kawhi Leonard Gone. So maybe there was no space for him. I just always thought why not go back to where it started where the wounds have been healed to some point really because that that is the sports writers. Fantasy what you're describing crisis poetic for him as you know. Our fantasies never are in line with the people that actually have to fill for us. Tom Brady's on is do. We have to go there again place. We will not talk about Tom. Brady the bucks on this episode. Jackie Vince announced going into two thousand. Nineteen that his twenty second year in the NBA would be his final season. Which you're going to you got you got another run. I got one more time. You got one more time out three years ago. You told me two more years two years ago. You told me two more years now. We're getting back. We're down to one. I met this one. What did you think when you heard that? Well you know what I thought was wow. Here's a guy who everybody seems to really really like. Who's a good teammate? Who has a really fun? Exciting highlight player. And Wow he just never got a chance to even reach for the brass ring. I think he got to the Eastern Conference finals want. It felt like maybe Vince. Carter's career should have been a little smoother than that was. That's what I was thinking. How has he adapted because playing for more than twenty years the NBA doesn't just saying? I want to play for twenty years. And it's not easy and you alluded earlier to the fact that his game has evolved as well. What has happened there you know. In his early years he was a highlight donkey machine. All the way back to high school this gung man. It's going to North Carolina. The McDonald's all American game dickey won the slam dunk contest. And he was just one of those Dominique Wilkins kind of players. Wow in you with athleticism. I always thought he was a much more complete player than maybe people gave him. Credit for is just so much more fun to see him flying through the air and doing three sixty don'ts and weaving the ball between his legs and Dunkin it. I mean all the things the rest of us just dream about in. What ways would you say? His career is sort of a microcosm for the evolution of the game itself. That's wow that's various media. Thank you very much. So because although the game itself we know now three pointers are what matter. We still value athleticism in the NBA. But we know it's fleeting because we have a long line of bodies that tell us that but I think to just to be able to handle yourself with professionalism to be able to be a positive influence in the locker room as opposed to a divisive one. Your career is going to last a lot longer. You mentioned you know he sort of this locker room guy this iota. Now you've been around him a lot over the course of his career. What is he like? It sounds simple and I don't even know this to be real because I've never been with Vince. Carter out on the town or I don't know a lot about his personal life but he's just one of those good dudes at least from my perspective from a guy that you had to cover through the years. He was respectful very intelligent. Very perceptive very intuitive and emotional I loved the emotion when he was young and he he'd lay down those Jamesy do his own little version of the Shimmy. He's also very private right. Yes but isn't that so smart? He learned to be that after he had a very public event of course when he went back to graduate from North Carolina because he promised his mom he would do that and he did it on the morning of game. Seven of the Eastern Conference probably not the best day to choose but of course. You don't choose these things they just happen. And I think Vince Carter thought he was a little more multidimensional than guy that could just slam a basketball through rim. I think he thought of himself as a very intelligent African American Man. That could make good decisions that he was more than just a basketball player. He was involved in his community. And those things that are important to them and I think he thought he'd be applauded for that and it's still one of the great debates if you get into a room with ten people it's probably going to be split five and five on whether he did the right thing. Let's talk about that moment and history in the NBA. After the break.

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