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Fourthinning in fresno to to the grizzlies anti coma grizzlies lead the pacific north division by three and a half games over to calm entering play tonight me too to pitch thuban fouls it back in ninety five fourthinning in west sacramento river cats lead reno seven to nothing shaw hanson and jensen with home runs for the river cats thinning and el paso at sixty five salt lake pasos trying to win their ninth straight game stom aunt already the two to pitch swing and a mass elevated the fastball and do bond was down on strikes the second out of the inning fourth strikeout forestall to away with orphan i and here's brett phillips phillips oh for three with an rbi late coming in three back about paso in the pacific south division elite six five in the eighth inning in texas here's phillips left handed batter the first pitch is lace foul onto the grass embankment outside the left field line for strike one phillips needs a hit to keep his hitting streak going it's at seven games coming in tonight now the road in albuquerque at six four las vegas in the eighth inning talk men weeks patterson of homered for the tops stretched by the right hinder stormont taking a long time here comes the pitch in it's outside bowl one change of that time you're brett phillips ten runs nine hits for omaha five runs nine hits three errors for the sky sox they have played he's sloppy one tonight here's a swing innocent it's one two.

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