Supplements to Help Heal Depression


Are there any effective supplements to help people deal with depression? Yes so my favorite go to as a starting one simply because it's, it's so safe is Turmeric and Curcumin. It's been shown in studies to work as well as locks teen PROZAC. And so it's a powerful anti-inflammatory us for all kinds of chronic diseases, and I find it highly effective. It's actually been shown to boost neuro transmitter labels. It's you know as long with the inflammation so I like to start there because it's safe, and because it's effective i. always tell people again. Amplifying the placebo effect right the research showing it works as well as antidepressants, and so a good place to start and I save for really anyone to try another one I love. Especially for the more anxious kind of depression is N. L. CNN, so the amino acid in green tea again. Incredibly safe used for thousands of years but it really has been shown in front study. It was shown to work as well as I'll prowse him I. Don't think anyone who's actually taken out. Program would agree with that, but for people that haven't taken it. It, it has a very soothing fact and also can helplessly. And and concentration so I love that one and I think is really important especially for us here, for those of us in the middle of the country is a mega threes. I think it's important for probably everyone but I mean the brain is primarily fad and dollar. Neurons require fat and If we don't have those mega threes, the brain just can't function as efficiently and that's a huge. There's lots of research showing that a mega freezer. highly associated with for example postpartum depression, but also suicidality and in particularly violent suicides. So those are sort of the three that are routinely

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